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How does a hairdryer dry wet hair?

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When you plug in the hair dryer and turn the switch it on, the electrical current flows through the hair dryer. The circuit first supplies power to the heating element. In most hair dryers this is a bare coiled wire, but in models that are more expensive there can be fancier materials in action, like a tourmaline-infused ceramic coating. The current then makes the small electric motor spin and that turns the fan. The airflow generated by the fan is directed down the barrel of the hairdryer, over and through the heating element. As the air flows over and through the heated element, the generated heat warms the air by forced convection. The hot air streams out the end of the barrel. The hairdryer uses a small fan that looks like a hydraulic turbine (i.e. water wheel). The fan in a hair dryer uses electrical energy to generate airflow. The small motor actually sits inside the fan, which is firmly attached to the tip of the motor. When you supply power to the motor, the motor and the attached fan both spin. The centrifugal movement of the fan blades draws air in through the small round air inlets in the side casing of the hair dryer. These holes are covered by a safety screen that prevents other objects (such as strands of your hair) from being sucked in as well. The air is then blown down the barrel of the hair dryer. When you use it on your hair this hot air blows the water, or chases it, off the hair shaft. Imagine the hair is like glass. Water runs straight off of it.
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