How does a judgment work in Texas?

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This is my understanding of Judgement laws in Texas.
First you have to be served, sued, and have your day in court.
!. Your wages cannot be garnished except for child support, student loans ( federaly
backed), and federal debt ( taxes).
A. It is possible that, if your wages origrnate in another state and mailed to Texas,
the judgement could POSSIBLY be executed in that state.
2. Your bank account can be siezed, but only after a judgement is granted.
3. A spouse ( hince their pre-marital assets ) is not responsible for debts incurred
before the marriage ( as long as their name has not been added to anything, such
as a user on a credit card, etc )
4. Your personal property has exemption up to certain amounts.
5. Your car is exempt if you have only one.
6. Your homested is exempt ( A lien could possibly be placed, but no forced sale)
I am not a legal whiz, but you can find answers to these and many other questions on
If any has any corrections or additions, please post
In a civil suit a default judgment is entered in favor of the plaintiff when the defendant does not appear at the hearing. When a creditor has been awarded a judgment against the debtor the creditor can execute the writ according to the laws of the debtor's state. The preferred methods of enforcing a creditor judgment is by wage garnishment or bank account levy.
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