How does a married immigrant get divorced and marry someone else?

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An immigrant gets divorced and remarried in the same manner that anyone does: by filing a divorce in the appropriate Court and following the Court process to obtain a decree of divorce, and then by having the marriage performed by someone authorized to do so.
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Does a will become null an void after divorce or is it still good when you marry someone else?

Answer . \nIn most cases yes, unless the people involved allow the children to remain in the Will. If the divorce is amicable by both parties then the wife or husband may

Can you get married to someone if they are married to someone else?

No. In the United States you can only be legally married to one person. If you wish to marry another, you must end your marriage via a court decree through a divorce procedure

What do you do when you want your boyfriend back after you got married to someone else and got divorced?

Move on. More than likely he probably has. You moved to fast to get into another relationship. You was never over him in the first place, that's why it didn't work with the ma

What if you marry in Mexico then marry someone else in the USA then divorce the person you married in Mexico do you then have to remarry the person you married in the USA for that marriage to be legal?

The real question here is, did you register your divorce in Mexico with the US embassy or councilate? If you did then you may have just found yourself in a legal bind. If the

What do you do if your married and have feelings for someone else?

There are alot of factors that should be considered. If your feelings for someone else is stronger than the feelings you have for the person that you are married to... then ma

How do you divorce someone who is married?

If they are married to you then you consult with an attorney and file a complaint for divorce in the proper court for your jurisdiction. If they are not married to you then
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Can you be married already and marry someone else?

No. In Western cultures you can only be married to one person at a time. No. In Western cultures you can only be married to one person at a time. No. In Western cultures you
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What should you do if you found out that you were not divorced from your first marriage AFTER you married someone else?

You need to get a legal divorce as soon as possible . Then once it has been finalized you must marry your second spouse again. Your second marriage is not valid and you may f