How does a pellet gun work?

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All pellet guns use compressed air or gas. 1. Spring piston: Cocking the barrel of the rifle compresses the spring and piston inside the rifle or gun that is located in an air cylinder. When you pull the trigger it releases the spring and as the spring shoots forward, it pushes compressed air ahead if it that forces the pellet out the barrel. 2. Co2: A Co2 bottle it inserted into the gun or rifle, and it is full of compressed Co2. When you pull the trigger a burst of Co2 gas is released and the gas pushes the pellet out the barrel. This same idea is used for the larger PCP rifles only they use a much higher pressure bottle. 3. Pump: When you pump the forearm of the rifle it stores air in an air chamber. When you pull the trigger all the air is released behind the pellet forcing it out the barrel. BB guns work the same way.
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What is a pellet gun?

A gun that shoots pellets. The Pellets are driven by air or Co2 not gunpowder. Pellet guns have 4 different powerplants. 1. C02 2. Spring or gas piston 3. Pump 4. PCP

Will a pellet gun kill a raccoon?

There are some manufactures that make very powerful pelet guns. Some air rifles can be as powerful as a .22 caliber rimfire. So it is possible, however if not killed initially

How do you find the best pellet gun?

You start by reading reviews. I suggest going to online reviews that people have written about the various guns they have purchased. You also need to select the type of airgun

What is the heaviest pellet for a pellet gun?

It all depends on the bore size, and if you really mean GUN as in "gun or rifle." The larges Pellet bore is 50 caliber and that would be a Air Venturi .50 Cal, 275 Grains, Sol

How do C02 pellet guns actually work?

CO2 pellet guns work by using CO2 for rapid fire, with CO2 the gun does not need to be pumped or recorked after every fire. You can also find spring loaded pellet guns.

What makes a pellet gun work?

There are a variety of power-plants that operate air guns. Ifyou would like to read about then then see my profile and read thearticle "Air gunning systems." See the link belo