How does a plant absorb water?

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Plants normally absorb water through their roots. They also take in minerals through the roots. They store their food in the leaves.

How do plants absorb water?

Plants absorb water from their root hairs on the root via osmosis , it is then transported to other parts of the plant (through the nextwork of xylem vessels) through a combi

Which plants absorb the most water?

There are a variety of plants and trees that absorb water fasterthan others. Some of these include willow trees, the River Birchand Black Gum also absorb a lot of water.

How do plants absorb water and nutrients?

the water which is carrying the nutrients from the soil is absorbed by the roots and than the nutrients are taken from the water and are spread to all parts of the plant. the

How does plants absorb water by osmosis?

the concentration of ions in one side of the cell membrane is higher than on the other, this difference in concentration provides the energy to allow the cell membrane to tran

By which process does plant absorb water?

Generally the pull of transpiration (evaporation of water through the leaves) will pull water in from the roots. Adhesion and cohesion also allow the water to move up the xyle

What happens to the water absorbed in the plant?

in a plant if you look carefully and debark a tree you will see llines going up theese are cells. the roots collect water from the ground gives it to the cells and the cells t
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How water plants absorb water?

Water plants usually absorb water and other dissolved minerals through their leaves.
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Is there a plant that wood absorb water?

All plants absorb water, either through the roots or the leaves. Did you mean a plant that will act like a sponge? Sphagnum Moss can be used as a wound-dressing because it is