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Diarrhea comes and dog will stop eating my friends puppy died from parvo. I don't want mine to, I'm worried sick! I have no idea if after a puppy gets parvo shots, it can still get parvo.

Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious disease, which is spread from dog to dog from contact with infected feces. This doesn't just mean just out on a walk, if you have feces on your shoe, then your unvaccinated pup still stands a chance of picking it up. It is also not a good idea to let a puppy chew your shoes. Speak to your veterinarian about parvovirus, they will give you the valuable information on when to get your puppy vaccinated.
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Can you give a puppy parvo if you touched a dog with parvo with your shirt?

Technically you can, but it would be unlikely. A high dose of parvo would come from being in contact with infected feces. Also, if you feel that your dog may be in danger of p

How old does the puppy have to be to get the parvo shot?

A puppy has to be 6 weeks old to get a parvo shot and is needed every 3-4 weeks until they are 16 weeks old. After the puppy series they should be given once a year when they

Can a puppy get parvo after parvo shot?

Yes, it is possible. The vaccine against parvovirus is not considered completely effective in a puppy until two weeks after the last shot is given; since the last shot is gene

What is parvo?

Parvo is Deadly virus that puppies contract. It starts out in the immune system and slowly weakens the pup. Once the dogs immune system is weakened the virus moves to the bowl

If a puppy survives parvo can it get it again?

there is always a chance it can contract it again, however it is very uncommon, especially if they have survived it, that means their immune system has built up an immunity to

When should puppies get there parvo shots?

  Medicine is not an exact science, so different Vets have different beliefs about when the "perfect" time is. Vaccines are meant to build (or boost) a puppy's own immune

How long does it take for a parvo vaccination to work on a puppy?

  In general, it takes about 10 days to 2 weeks for an animal to build a decent immune response after being vaccinated. However, with puppies you also have to consider tha

Can my puppy survive parvo?

It can, but the odds aren't good. Canine parvovirus is fatal about 80% of the time in puppies.

How does a puppy survive parvo?

Parvo is a deadly disease for pups, they have a higher risk of dying than surviving parvo...take it to the vet   Answer:Parvo causes severe dehydration, which is the actua

If your puppy died from Parvo can you get another puppy?

Yes, but if you have an unvaccinated young puppy, you will risk having it die of parvo too. Parvo - short for parvovirus - is a nasty viral infection of the gastrointestinal t

Can you give a puppy who may have parvo amoxicillin?

My lab puppy was diagnosed with Parvo 4 days ago. My vet did prescribe Amoxicillin. This does not cure Parvo, it helps to prevent other bacteria from growing in the intestine.

Can you give a puppy with Parvo Pepto-Bismol?

  No, it will not help. A puppy with Parvo will most likely die without immediate veterinary attention. There are antiviral medications that can be of some help, and most

How long does it take for a puppy to recover from parvo?

YOU SHOULD HAVE GIVEN IT ITS INJECTIONS SO IT DIDNT GET IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!! BE A RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNER. Make sure you bleach an clean everything they come in contact with,

Can a puppie 2 months old get parvo?

  Yes, I just had a red heeler get it at 13 weeks or ~3 months. We took him to the vet and after two days @ the vet he was able to come home. The vet said this was excepti