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How does a slide projector work?

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A bright light lights the slide (a prepared positive cut from the original film). The light travels through a lens to focus it and on to a screen. There are many mechanisms to change slides, from manual insertion, to rotary and linear slide trays.
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How do projectors work?

There are two types of projectors: The two types of projectors are LCD and DLP. LCD: LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. The way this places an image on a screen is fa

Who invented slide projector?

The slide projector was created by Louis Misurace. He sold his  invention to the Kodak Company. By the 1960s, millions of homes had  them.

What are the materials of an improvised slide projector?

  A torch, some clingfilm and a piece of cardboard - something like a white or pale-coloured wall, a fridge or a white sheet can be used as a screen. Someone with a bit mo
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Where can one purchase a vintage slide projector?

Vintage slide projectors can most likely be found at a local Pawn Shop. If one cannot find a Vintage slide projector as their local Pawn Shop, good places would be to look on