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How does a swan defend itself?

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it normally spreads its wings and starts charging, but some just bite.
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How does the Bengal Tiger defend itself?

The Bengal Tiger is very large and powerful and rarely needs to defend itself against anything other than humans, which have guns making self defence futile on the Tigers part

How does a swan protect itself from predators?

Swans are quite fierce opponents - they will take on almost anything to protect the brood. run up to one some time, you will see ;) Mostly they will make themselves appear big

How did the Tasmanian tiger defend itself?

The Tasmanian tiger, or Thylacine, was the largest carnivorous marsupial, and at the top of the food chain. With no natural predators, it did not need protection beyond the st

How does the red panda defend itself?

they use their sharp claws to defend themselves. they use thier sharp claws of growls loudly to defend itself

How does a Trumpeter Swan defend itself?

  It would use it's wing's to defend itself. When it uses it's large long wings to defend itself or it's partners it would hit it as hard as it could.

How does an ermine defend itself?

An ermine can defend itself by using: 1. it's instinct to kill 2. razor sharp teeth 3. sharp talens(claws) Ermines will kill anything even if it means its life will be lost. T

How does a black panther defend itself?

Black panthers are a variety of leopard, and like all leopards they have sharp retractable claws and fangs; if attacked, they usually try to run away (and they run very fast!)

How does a daffodil defend itself?

Animals learn very quickly not to bother the daffodils. Not only tothey taste horrible, but they are poisonous - every inch of them. All Narcissus (daffodils included) contai