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How does a wombat defend itself?

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A wombat warns off intruders with an aggressive display of head shaking, gnashing teeth and a guttural growl.

Burrows provide wombats with protection from predators, weather and bushfires. A predator following a wombat into its burrow can be crushed against the roof by the wombat's powerful rump.

For defence, the wombat literally uses its backside. It has extra tough, thick skin on its lower back. Because a wombat's burrow is only just big enough for the wombat itself to fit into, in the event of a dog or dingo attack, it will turn around and present only that thicker hide to the aggressor, a hide that is difficult for a dingo's teeth to penetrate.

Wombats have very robust claws capable of causing a considerable amount of damage.
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