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How does an amoeba get its food?

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it obtains food , which is that when a high consideration moves to a smaller consideration
an amoeba gets food thorugh pseudopods, which form when cytoplams flows toward one location and the rest of the amoeba follows.
amoeba obtains food by osmosis, which is that when a high consideration moves to a smaller consideration.
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How was food vacuole formed in amoeba?

Food vacuoles are formed when amoebas or any other cells engulf  food elements, particles or molecules that it needs by the process  known as phagocytosis. The hydrophillic

How do amoeba get their food?

The amoeba moves its psuedopodia (false feet) around the food particle. thus a food vacuole is formed.then the amoeba secretes digestive enzymes into the food vacuole and the

How does an amoeba gets it food?

It gets inside an animal or Human body and eats its muscle tissue. Even if the creature is alive.

How amoeba obtain its food?

They engulf there food by the process of phagocytosis or picnocytosis. The large food material first broken down by ameoba as it secreate some extracellular enzyme then that

How do amoebas digest their food?

  They engulf food particle by phagocytosis. The food vacuoles fuse with lysosomes, and the enzymes digest the food. Undigested material is later remove by exocytosis. ---

How does an amoeba ingest and digest food?

  Amoebas ingest food by phagocytosis, surrounding the food and then bringing it inside in a vesicle. The amoebas then digest the food by fusing a lysosome to the food ves

How does an amoeba ingest food?

The amoeba uses phagocytosis (it surrounds it and brings it into a vesicle).

How does an amoeba get nutrition from food?

  Amoeba is a microphagous feeder, which means that it feeds upon small aquatic organisms like bacteria, flagellates, ciliates and minute food particles.   When a hungr

Can Amoeba make it own food?

Amoeba can not make it own food because it is not autotrophs since it has no chloroplast.

How does the amoeba digest its food?

Ameoba extends pseudopodia around the food particle until they join, enclosing the particle in a membrane-bound vesicle. A lysosome merges with the new food vacuole, dumping i

How does an amoeba obtain its food?

Amoeba obtain its food by the process of endocytosis. It is due to the flexibility of cell membrane as it enables the cell to engulf food and other materials from its external

Where is food stored in an amoeba?

the food is stored in the the vacuole in the amoeba where it is digested and the nutrients are absorbed and the waste product is excreted form the pseudopodia.