How does caffeine affect neurons in the brain?

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How would caffeine binding to an adenosine receptor affect the activity inside the neuron?

Adenosine receptors stick through the neuron membrane, so that partof them are on the inside and part is on the outside of the cell.Now, when adenosine, a natural chemical in

Can caffeine kill brain cells?

If you were to take a culture of brain cells on a petri dish and submerge them in a caffeine solution, it probably would. But in people, is drinking coffee going to kill brain

What does caffeine do to the brain?

Caffeine is a stimulant drug, which speeds up the synaptic connections in your brain, increasing reaction times. Nicotine, and Ecstasy do similar things, but are much more da

Does caffeine effect the brain?

Yes, caffeine effects the brain by increasing the neuron firing.Caffeine also speeds up other things like your heart rate.

How does caffeine affect your brain in a negative way?

Suggestion: K-Wolf. Try looking here http:/www.coolquiz.comtrivia/explain/docscaffeine.asp. After reading that I've decided to cut back on caffeine a little..., maybe.....

Does caffeine affect you?

Yes caffeine does affect you. Caffeine is a drug and is a very common drug in the United States. To simplify what it does to you, it messes with your brain and keeps you alert

What is the effect of caffeine on the brain?

It causes the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline. This release ofadrenaline causes a faster heart rate, opening up of breathingtubes, release of sugar into the bloodstream f
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Is caffeine bad for the brain?

Caffeine is not bad for your brain , but can be bad for other parts of your body.
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What if the brain did not have neurons?

The brain has two kinds of cells, neurons and glial cells. So if the brain did not have neurons it could still have glial cells, but they have no function in the absence of ne
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What specific effects does caffeine have on other neurons?

If too much caffeine is in your system, there can be a temporaryimpulse on the other neurons. This sudden impulse will momentarilywake up your brain but will damage some neuro