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How does defaming an abusive narcissist in his professional life affect him?

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Narcissists are addicted to narcissistic suppy.
Narcissistic Supply (NS) includes attention, fame, notoriety, adulation, fear, applause, approval. It is a mixed bag. If the narcissist gets attention -- positive or negative -- it constitutes NS. If he can manipulate people or influence them -- positively or negatively -- it qualifies as NS.
Even quarrelling with people constitutes NS. Perhaps not the fighting itself -- but the ability to influence other people, to induce feelings in them, to manipulate them emotionally, to make them do something or refrain from doing it.
Based on my book "Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited"
(c) 2003 Lidija Rangelovska Narcissus Publications
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Will he block you out of his narcissist life?

Mine did. I dumped him and he blocked me from everything because I was so angry and called him names and wouldn't get over my anger. He said I hurt him because I called him a

Are narcissistic people abusive?

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How do you get control and live with a narcissist in your life?

not easily. however you might want to attempt to brush off all the verbal abuse as mental illness. that the narcissist doesnt mean what hes saying...or have any empathy for it

What is the Best way to get a narcissist out of your life?

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What is the best way to get revenge on a abusive narcissist?

  Answer     By not caring about them and improving your own life.   Answer   Don't try it. Just leave. You're asking for trouble if you think you need to

Are all abusers narcissistic or are all narcissists abusers?

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Can you sue a narcissist for telling you lies and abusing you throughout your relationship?

    Answer       I thought I answered this before but I don't think it posted.     You can't sue a narcissist unless the lies caused you to lose mo

How do you overcome the pain of narcissistic abuse?

  Time and a lot of patience. The pain I do not believe ever completely goes away. There is always a sting. But as time goes by it gets less painful and you become more aw

What is defamation?

Act of harming or ruining another's reputation Making of false,  Derogatory statements in private or public about a person's  business practices , character, financial statu

If a child is sexually abused do they have more chances of becoming narcissistic later on in life?

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What type of professional mental health counseling is recommended for victims of narcissistic abuse?

I was in a seventeen-year relationship with an abusive narcissist and was subsequently diagnosed with chronic and severe PTSD. I had the good fortune to be treated by an exce

What drives a narcissistic abuser?

Narcissist lack empathy lack of feeling heard our feeling sorry for  them who are narcissist they feed on pitty the insecurity in  relationship drive conversations regarding