How does electric golf carts work?

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an electric motor drives the cart, similar to an electric car or a gocart.
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Where is the governor on an electric golf cart?

There are no governors on electric golf carts. What you can do is tear off the front cover, which is almost the hood of the cart, if you will. After you have torn it off, you

Is there a governor on electric golf carts?

No A lot of golf carts now if they are electric have motor controllers that can be programmed. Check with the Buggies Unlimited or Buggies Gopne Wild Golf Cart Forum

What is better gas or electric golf carts?

Answer . There is no better gas or electric. Only what works better for you and what you are using it for. Some hunters prefer electric because they are quiet while other h

How does a golf cart work?

It depends. There is an EZ-GO cart which is battery powered, which runs sort of like an electric car but without an engine the battery powers the wheels, or there is the gas p

Weight of an electric golf cart?

I have a blog that can show you electric golf carts maybe you will find what are looking for here (I ) The new Powakaddy Freeway 2 wei
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What is the fastest electric golf cart?

normally they all go around 20 mph unless you mod them or somtimes petrol I have an 18 hp 72 volt Alternating Current Golf Cart with a 500 amp Curtis motor controller.....It
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When do you charge your electric golf cart?

When it either runs out of battery or when it is nearly dead! :L . Best rule of thumb is to recharge when the batteries are at about 60% capacity. You should not recharge eve