How does homeowners insurance medical payment coverage work?

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the actual MEDICAL PAYMENTS coverage works like this (in MO, and most states that i am aware of)..........someone is hurt on your property thru NO negligence of your own.....(ie i just trip and fall for no reason, I'm a clutz-have even seen it pay for poison ivy contracted on a property).....medpay will pay for medical bills (up to the limit which is low, usually 2k-5k) pain and suffering, loss of wage etc........must be incurred will not cover the insured or any residents of the house hold............there are many exclusions your liability coverage (which is much higher, usually a min. of 100k)........covers pain and suffering and medical bills, loss of wage etc..........for injured persons when you ARE negligent in some manner, ie... your wife wasn't watching what she was doing and dropped a hot pan on my foot........your dog bit me.........your step crumbled when i stepped on it.......hope that helps
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If you are carrying medical insurance is it necessary or wise to also get medical payments coverage as part of your auto insurance?

It is not required. Please keep in mind medical insurance on an auto policy only pays in the excess of what your work med doesnt pay. . It is a good idea to have the medical payments on your policy because it will also cover any passengers that are in your vehicle if they don't have health insuranc (MORE)

Does new medical insurance coverage automatically become the primary coverage?

No, I'm checking on the CA State Law, but haven't found it yet. Here's the research I found so far. From Blue Cross Administrators Manual Medicare is the primary payor for employees age 65 or older in employer groups with less than 20 employees When a group has fewer than 20 employees, Blue Cross is (MORE)

What insurance company will provide medical coverage for a person with lupus?

The Affordable Care Act, if it is upheld by the courts, makes certain changes in the ability for insurers to exclude applicants from coverage based upon certain preexisting conditions. Normally, there are preexisting condition exclusions in private health insurance policies. These exist so as to al (MORE)

If you have medical insurance at work that pays 80 percent of medical bills can you get additional coverage for the other 20 percent?

Yes and no. There are supplemental insurance programs available - do an internet search for "supplemental insurance." Programs such as these will help pay that remaining percentage - in most cases, a large portion of it at least. Adding supplemental coverage can be a good option. I have an acciden (MORE)

If your motorcycle without theft coverage was stolen out of a neighbor's garage will their homeowners insurance cover it?

No, Your neighbor has a home insurance policy to cover his owned property. Homeowners insurance is specific to the named insured and the insured's scheduled property. Homeowners Insurance does not cover automobiles or motorcycles at all and does not cover property belonging to third parties excep (MORE)

Does farmers insurance have dog breed discrimination for their homeowners coverage?

No Insurance company discriminates against dogs or a breed of dog. Your insurance company does not decide what breed of dog or other pet you own. However most insurance companies do have coverage restrictions regarding animals and various breeds. If you want to own a pit bull, that's fine, If you (MORE)

How do medical insurances coordinate payments if you have coverage from two companies?

Answer . \nMost of them require a coordination of benefits form to be filled out before paying claims. Typically only one policy pays. You would have to talk with the companies in question to find out their rules. In the case of children it can be a challenge, the rule that my company went wi (MORE)

When is payment required to have insurance coverage?

Cannot be answered here - that information should appear in the contract language of the policy. Generally, however, the insurance agent will take a deposit premium for the anticipated first month's premium at the time that the application for coverage is taken. The application is essentially an o (MORE)

What is the definition of primary coverage in regard to medical insurance?

Often, a person will have "primary" insurance and "secondary" insurance. For example, if you have insurance through your job, and your husband has insurance through his job, then your primary insurance will be the one through your job, and your secondary insurance will be the one through your husban (MORE)

What is the benefit of having uninsured motorist coverage and medical payments on your auto insurance policy?

The benefit of having uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is that almost 20% of us drive around with no insurance. There's also a good percentage of high risk drivers with minimum coverage running around. That's quite a pool of drivers we're up against every day. You want to be able to cover yo (MORE)

Can a medical insurance deny coverage because you have ms?

I write policies for BlueCross Blueshield of Florida and Multiple Sclerosis is one of the medical conditions that will render you ineligible for coverage. Check with specific companies in your state to be sure. Be up front with the agent to save yourself the time of going through the application pro (MORE)

How does homeowners insurance and the mortgagee work?

There should be a "Mortgagee Clause" listed in the policy conditions which will outline the relationship. Most of the time (it depends on the state), the mortgagee and the insurer are in a separate contract than the named insured (homeowner) and the insurer are. What that means is, if a loss occurs, (MORE)

How much medical payment auto insurance coverage is right?

This question is very tough to answer well. I know in PA medical from auto insurance is the first source used to cover a medical expense. If you have a decent health insurance plan this can provide coverage over top of the medical from your auto.. However,as the deductibles on health care are incre (MORE)

Does homeowners insurance pay your mortgage payment if you are on Workman's Compensation?

No; homeowner's insurance is property coverage. Many forms of it do provide liability coverage (to defend and indemnify you if someone is hurt on the insured premises and you are determined to have been negligent), but in no case does it make payments of debts that you owe, such as a mortgage. You (MORE)

How much medical payment home insurance coverage is right?

The right amount would be Zero, It doesn't make much sense to pay extra for medical coverage on ahome insurance policy when that's already covered under yourmedical insurance policy. Ever heard of Double-coverge? It's illegal to get paid for the sameloss twice anyway. Adding Medical coverage on a (MORE)

Where can you find cheap medical insurance with basic coverage?

There are many sites that can help you decide which coverage works best for you in your price range. You can enter in your information and the price you are willing to pay, what kind of coverage you are looking for and you will be directed to a list of providers. HumanaOne is a good company that wor (MORE)

Can a medical insurance company drop coverage for a group?

Yes. A group policy is not much different from an individual policy when it comes to cancellations. If the group misses payments or no longer meets the underwriting guidelines the policy can be cancelled or non renewed per local regulations and contract terms.

How do you know if your dwelling coverage is too low on homeowners insurance?

Go to your insurance agent and ask him or her to complete the computer based replacement cost estimator. You can sit down with them for about 20 minutes and they can give you a very good idea of the cost and whether or not you have an appropriate amount of coverage on your home. There are real serio (MORE)

Is a fall on a wet deck covered by medical insurance or homeowners?

It depends on who fell and why. Homeowners Insurance is Property Insurance Homeowners Insurance may sometimes provide a very small amount of coverage for minor household related injuries for the named insured. Visitor injuries would be subject to home owners liability terms. Major Medical i (MORE)

Is a work trailor cover by homeowners insurance?

No a work trailer would not be covered by your homeowners insurance. Anything used in a business is not covered under your homeowners insurance. A trailer to be attached to a vehicle would be covered for liability extended from whatever it is attached to but physical damage for the trailer itself wo (MORE)

Is a work trailer cover by homeowners insurance?

A trailer is not covered under a homeowners policy whether or not it is used for work. You need to purchase a seperate policy to cover this type of property for physical damage coverage. While it is being towed and attached to a vehicle the laibility coverage from the vehicle extends to the trailer (MORE)

How does homeowners insurance work in a living trust?

If a person has a living trust that allows them to live in the home for as long as they live, they would still be eligible for a homeowners policy. The policy should be in the name of the person living there and the trust name should be listed as an additional insured. This way the home is covered w (MORE)

How is insurance coverage different for a medical clinic visit?

In Canada, medical insurance should be accepted at both a hospital and a medical clinic provided the patient has their insurance card.In the USA, patients will typically pay a flat rate co-pay for a medical clinic visit (as compared to a percentage of the bill at an E.R.)

Is corrugated tubing underground for water drainage considered part of construction material for Coverage A - Dwelling Coverage for homeowner insurance?

Your issue is probably not going to be whether or not it is part of coverage A but the whether or not the damage was caused by a covered cause. Underground pipes are usually damaged due to maintenance rather than a covered cause. For it to be a covered cause it must be sudden and accidental damage. (MORE)

Does collision coverage insurance pay medical bills?

No. Collision coverage pays for the physical damage to your own car, subject to any deductible. Medicals are paid by a separate coverage-sometimes called Personal Injury Protection, but it may be called by a different name depending upon the State involved. It is what is generically called No Fau (MORE)

Who offers the best homeowner insurance coverage?

The best home owner insurance cover will depend upon one's circumstances. Some companies are good for second homes, others are not, for example. Lloyds can be one of the best, but visit Go Compare and you'll get a selection of quotes to choose from.