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the interest on a mortgage works as follows it either accumulates every X amounts of months (depends on your mortgage) for the example its monthly. If your annual mortage is 7 percent. Every month the add on (7/12) of a percent of what you owe back onto what you owe. Say you owe 100,000$ that would be 583$ added every month. so if you pay off 1000$ you still owe 99,583 and your next months interest will be 581$ and this will continue till you pay it all off
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What is an interest only mortgage and how does it work?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nAn interest only mortgage is exactly what it sounds like. It's a mortgage like any other except your monthly payment is an interest only payment, mea

How does mortgage work?

Mortgage works the same as paying layaway. You put a percentage of the money down upfront, and pay a percentage of the remainder off each month to the bank plus accumulating i

The mortgage is interest only. how is the effect to mortgage?

Answer . It is considered a term mortgage which is how mortgages were before the amortized mortgage. In a amortized mortgage a part of every payment goes to principal (the

Can a tenant in common mortgage its interest?

Yes. As long as the lender will accept it. If the borrower defaults and the lender should later need to foreclose on the mortgage, it will acquire only the tenant's proportion

How do you calculate mortgage interest?

to calculate mortgage interest you can get largest infos in this subject and found more help for anyone need it i recommend for more info : second & third link of this w

Is there a mortgage without interest?

The interest rate is set by agreement between lender and borrower. If you can find a lender willing to accept a zero interest rate, you can certainly have one. Keep in mind

What are mortgage interest rates at woolwich?

The mortgage rates at Woolwich can vary depending on the type of loan you get. For example, for a 2 year fixed remortgage, the interest rate is 3.5%. For a 2 year fixed Barcla

How a mortgage works?

It's a loan in which the house functions as the collateral. If you don't pay your mortgage (fixed amount agreed upon) then you lose your house (the collateral).

What are the interest rates with a pnc mortgage?

For PNC mortgage, it will all depend on how much money you're paying. The more money you are taking (as a loan) the higher your overall intrest rate will become.

What are the interest rates for Amerisave mortgages?

"Currently interest rates (as of 08/30/2011) for Amerisave mortgages range from 3.750 (3.923 APR) for a 30 year fixed to 1.875 (3.127 APR) for a 3-year ARM (Adjustable Rate Mo

How much will you get back on mortgage interest?

Either your question is poorly worded, or one of us is deeply confused about how interest works. You normally don't get ANYTHING back on mortgage interest.
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When does a mortgage go from interest to principle?

That depends on the length, amount, and interest rate of the loan. You would need to use an amortization calculator to figure out the exact point when you are paying more on t

What is the interest rate on a Vanderbilt mortgage?

Vanderbilt specializes in helping with mortgage financing for those with low, slow, poor or bad credit so their rates are extremely high. The average person looking to financ