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HOW JELLO WORKS <center> </center> Jell-O is composed of long, stick-like molecules. When you dissolve it in hot water, those molecules separate, but as the liquid cools, they begin to stick together like a giant heap of straws. The water flows slowly through these straws because of frictional effects. The result is a stiff material that is given its structure by the straw heap. If you leave the Jell-O long enough, the water will seep out and make puddles on the plate. So disgusting if you start to think about what is actually in it. Yup, jelly is made from cow or pig hooves, bones and connective tissue, all ground up and boiled. Yummy. The basic recipe for jelly is gelatin, water, sugar, flavorings and food coloring. The gelatin is the important bit. Gelatin is basically a processed version of the protein collagen. You have probably heard of collagen before - this protein makes up a third of your body and is found in skin, bones and tendons, making them slightly elastic. As you get older, the collagen deteriorates and that's why our joints get stiffer and wrinkles start to appear in our once smooth skin. So how do they make gelatin from animal collagen? To start with, they grind up all the cow or pig parts and treat them with a strong acid or base. After this, it all gets boiled and the collagen is partly broken down. The gelatin can be skimmed off the surface of the liquid, dried into a powder and be used in jelly. As I mentioned, collagen is a protein. It is made up of long chains of amino acids, with every third amino acid being glycine. Lots of the other residues are proline or hydroproline. It lacks tryptophan, an essential amino acid that we can't make ourselves, so isn't a very good nutritionally source for humans, but who cares. So these long protein chains exist as a triple helix at room temperature- imagine this like three bits of spaghetti all twisted together. The chains in the helix are linked together by covalent bonds. When you make jelly, you add boiling water that provides the gelatin molecules with enough energy to break the bonds holding the chains together. Now, jelly is pretty amazing stuff as it is capable of holding around 10 times its own weight in water. This occurs because as the jelly cools down, the helices start to reform and cross linking occurs. The chains form areas of tangled protein with pockets between them- the water gets trapped in these pockets. This is what gives the jelly its characteristic wobble! What happens to gelatin when you add boiling water? The energy of the heated water is enough to break up the weak bonds holding the gelatin strands together. The helical structure falls apart, and you are left with free polypeptide chains floating about in solution.
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Does jello expire?

Yes, jello does expire just as all foods do. There should be an  expiration date or a use by date on the packaging.

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Depends on your definition. If by junkfood you mean terribly unhealthy, no.

Is there meat in jello?

  Gelatin is a slaughterhouse product; it is chemically processed collagen which is derived from the skin and bones of animals; it is not "meat" per se but is definitely n

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First, make one colour Jello and make it cool down and go stiff in a bowl of your choice. Then, make another colour of Jello and let it cool down before pouring it on top of

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If you want to freeze jello in order to eat it frozen, Then yes it can be frozen. If you are looking to freeze jello in order to store and defrost to eat as regular jello late

What is Jello made out of?

Jello is made out of gelatin. Gelatin is made out of collagen  extracted from boiled animal bones, animal skins, animal connective  tissue and cartilage. I know it sounds a

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the inventor of jell-o was experimenting in his basement when he discovered the recipe for what we now know as jell-o. He showed it to his wife who said when she saw it "Oh! i

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  yea jello is a compound

When was jello invented?

1845,by Peter Cooper

Where was jello invented?

Peter Cooper, inventor of the famous locomotive "Tom Thumb" and patron of the arts and sciences, obtained the first patent for a gelatin dessert in i845. Gelatin itself, howev

Where did Jello Come from?

  gelatin, aka horse hooves

Is jello a dairy?

Jello is a cow product, but not a dairy product. It is made of gelatin, which the slaughterhouses obtain after boiling bones, cartilage, hooves, skins, and the fat and meat

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  Jello is water, sugar, and other chemicals that make it all bouncy and such. There is no pork in jello. Pork flavored jello would be a little wierd.

What is jello made from?

Gelatin does not occur "free" in nature. It has to be made or manufactured. However, it is a natural ingredient, in that it derived from natural ingredients and has no additiv

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no, because if it was we would all be dead...