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Skeptical... Meditation is great for mind, body and soul, but it's not magic. If your partner and you are having problems, you can meditate until the cows come home and he won't change one bit. Most men think secretly that there is nothing wrong with them and it's always the woman who has the problem. Even when most couples go to a marriage counseller the man MAY go along to placate his wife, but isn't really serious about it at all and seldom tries to mend the marriage and so, I doubt unless your partner has either suggested this on his own it will work. Meditating takes a lot of hard work and commitment and I don't think he will stick it out. It's a learning process to combine mind, body and soul and hours of work. You just don't shut your eyes, hum and magic happens. Sometimes if the problems in the marriage are difficult ones it's best to have a trial separation and if you were meant to be together then you will be.It reduces the tensions, angryness between couples.
On the other hand... The fundamental goal of meditation is actually to get to the *core* of your goals, needs and desires, bypassing as the superficial stuff that clouds the decision-making process. In order to succeed, you need to get beyond the superficial, robotic reactions that you've developed over time, or the notions of socially acceptable or expected ideas. When you meditate with the goal of reaching the "self" (using whatever techniques you choose, or trying to reach whatever goals you seek), you have to stop trying to solve problems on the spot. You have to stop letting short-term results impact on the way you think. By clearing your head completely -- and this does take time, dedication and effort -- you can let your memories, needs and wants "bubble up" more smoothly. The notion of "Nirvana" is simply the act of reaching that pure realization of the basic things that make you tick. So what I'm getting at is that, indeed, meditation can be a fabulous technique to determine what exactly each person wants. While therapy does the same thing, this allows you to figure out what you need from the relationship if it's going to work. It lets you come to grips with where you really want to be in life. More importantly, you can determine if this partner is someone who can be with you through that. Especially when you are wrapped up in tense relationship dynamics, little hang-ups can make actions and words clouded by emotions. You don't make rational decisions that are good for the long-term. Meditation can help you get to the long-term, fundamental things that can either heal a relationship or make you realize it should end.
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Can couples therapy help a marriage?

Answer . Yes, in some cases it can. However, both parties have to be open minded and work with the therapist. From talking to different people they say it's the male counterpart that is in denial and will go along for the sessions grudgingly and honestly belief it's the wife or girlfriend with the problem and not them! Some men feel attacked or feel they are weak if they have to seek out therapy of any kind. Most men have been brought up to stay strong, don't cry and figure out your own problems. \n. \nOut of 5 friends (including myself with my first husband) therapy only worked for one couple. It's worth a try.

How does music help in meditation?

Answer . It calms you . Just another distraction to work through on the way to meditation. It does calm the mind provide the music is a gentle kind. It can also keep you focused in that calm state, which is beneficial in helping you let go of thoughts that crop up.

What is a meditation?

Meditation is a science as well as an art. It is a practice wherean individual focuses their mind on a particular object, thought oractivity to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. Itmay be done while sitting, repeating a mantra, and closing the eyesin a quiet environment. It has so many benefits 1. Meditation reduces stress. 2. It improves concentration. 3. It encourages a healthy lifestyle. 4. The practice increases self-awareness. 5. It increases happiness. 6. Meditation increases acceptance. 7. It slows aging. 8. The practice benefits cardiovascular and immune health. Yoga, meditation, diet control can keep your mind cool and tensionfree and also by reading Vipassana meditation poetry and some other. Thanks.

What is meditation?

Meditation describes a state of concentrated attention on some object of thought or awareness. It usually involves turning the attention inward to a single point of reference. Meditation is often recognized as a component of eastern religions, where it has been practiced for over 5,000 years We are familiar with conventional meditation only. Therefore, we believe that meditation is the art of making the mind blank using a mantra. Original meditation: This is the gold standard of meditation and all other meditations imitate one of few of the effects of this great technique of meditation. Original meditation reveals us Inner knowledge, which is the pristine, inbuilt human knowledge. This is what Hindus call Brahma Jnana. Original Meditation is the equivalent of the re-installation of the operating system of a computer. Re-installation of the operating system needs formatting of the hard disk where we want to install it. Original meditation is based on the absolute fact that it is the skeletal muscular system is the one and only system in our body that is under our direct control. Thus, the aim of Original meditation is gaining control over it. The aim of Original meditation is to reset the tone of all the skeletal muscles of the body to 50%. This, is the equivalent of formatting the hard disk of a computer. For this we must first make all the skeletal muscles of the body to act as one single unit called Unified Skeletal Muscle (USM). Then we can increase the tone to 100% and decrease it to 0%. Finally it can be reset to 50%. Now we must go to the 1. Central Muscular system around the tongue 2. The emotional muscular system around the mouth 3. The real world muscular system above the Adams apple. 4. The on-off switch system of muscles between the inside of the lower jaw and side of the skull. We must ensure that the tone of the USM varies proportionately with that of every pair of muscles that control it. We must also ensure that each pair of muscle in the four systems produce the feeling they are supposed to produce. It should be obvious that both conventional meditation and Original Meditation produces a blank mind. However, in conventional meditation we would have absolutely no control over our body and mind while in Original Meditation we would have bidirectional control over them, enabling us to understand the mechanism of mind completely. Thus, Original Meditation is resetting of the skeletal muscular system to its original state. All other meditations mimic one or the other effect of Original meditation. Their main advantage is that they are simple to learn.

How can you meditate?

Start with the breath . Breathing deep slows theheart rate, relaxes the muscles, focuses the mind and is an idealway to begin practice. Stretch first . Stretching loosens the muscles andtendons allowing you to sit (or lie) more comfortably.Additionally, stretching starts the process of "going inward" andbrings added attention to the body. Meditate with Purpose . Beginners must understandthat meditation is an ACTIVE process. The art of focusing yourattention to a single point is hard work, and you have to bepurposefully engaged! Notice frustration creep up on you . This is verycommon for beginners as we think "hey, what am I doing here" or"why can't I just quiet my damn mind already". When this happens,really focus in on your breath and let the frustrated feelings go. Experiment . Although many of us think of effectivemeditation as a Yogi sitting cross-legged beneath a Bonzi tree,beginners should be more experimental and try different types ofmeditation. Try sitting, lying, eyes open, eyes closed, etc. Feel your body parts . A great practice forbeginning meditators is to take notice of the body when ameditative state starts to take hold. Once the mind quiets, put allyour attention to the feet and then slowly move your way up thebody (include your internal organs). This is very healthy and anindicator that you are on the right path.

How does meditation help in improving mind state?

Every thought and emotion that presents itself to our consciousness and then passes away has a specific purpose and effect. These thoughts are the result of either subconscious, conscious or superconscious desires that together form a general working psychological make-up of ever person on earth. Just as every atom, molecule or cell in the human body has a specific function and can be studied scientifically so to can the mind be studied scientifically by analyzing the 'atomic structure of thoughts'!!! Every thought or desire can be studied in the laboratory of the mind by using the tools of Introspection, Discrimination and intellectual scrutiny. Through practices of Concentration one learns to weigh the relative utility of one's thoughts and emotions and promote only those that are deemed beneficial to one's spiritual progress. Through, what is commonly known as Meditation, the mind is gradually brought under conscious control. When the mind is able to readily obey your mental directives and the aspirant has developed a strong Will and ability to concentrate he or she is then ready to begin practising Yoga Proper!!! The results of Meditation or the practice of Yogic Mental discipline includes: Increased Concentration, Mental Clarity, Greater Peace, Less Stress, Greater Will-Power and so on.

How meditation helps to avoid stress?

Answer . Todays world is so fast that we are forgotten to take a full breath also. Brain is the major part of our body which will suffer due to stress. Stress occurs due to heavy workload on the brain. For its proper functioning it need proper food. For our brain the food and energy is the oxygen. When we work under pressure, our breathing will not be normal. Usually the inhale exhale cycle will be less. So brain suffers from lack of oxygen. When we do mediation, We are freed from all kind of work and concentrate on proper inhale and exhale of oxygen. So brain gets proper amount of oxygen. It gets relaxed. That's why mediation helps to reduce the stress.

How do you meditate?

It's all about controlling your brain! It is actually entering a state of mind where we control the brain! Sit quietly for some time then concentrate bout whatever feel like; however, just think and concentrate only the particular thing or try being blank! ---- there are many different ways to meditate depending on where you are internally and what your beliefs are. in its simplest form, meditation is nothing more than sitting quietly, without any expectations. different faiths and philosophies use different tools to help you focus and release your mind: you can watch or count your breathing, recite mantras, scan your physical body, or perform other repetitive tasks which will keep your thinking mind occupied until it relaxes. Here is a method for beginners: . Sit down on the floor with your legs crossed and you back straight and no distractions and just concentrate on your breathing. Do that for 30 minutes. When your mind thinks about other stuff, just bring your attention back to your breathing. . In order to meditate properly, a person needs to be free from distractions, alone with his thoughts, so to speak. Isaac, for example, went out walking alone in the early evening to meditate, possibly about his coming marriage to Rebekah. . When you practice again and again, your meditation becomes natural and you will be able to meditate without any effort. The ultimate aim of meditation is that you will realize that you are the ONE creation and everything is YOU. There are two distinct kinds of meditation. 1. Conventional meditation 2. Original meditation 1. Conventional meditation: We do conventional meditation using the following steps Step 1: We keep repeating a mantra at regular intervals. The mantras should sound exactly the same. Step 2: We should make sure that the mantra keeps repeating on its own i.e. involuntarily Step 3: We make unwanted thoughts come at exactly the same time that the mantra comes. Step 4: we start feeling that our mind has become blank In this stage the mantra and unwanted thoughts compete with each other to enter the conscious mind and neither of them succeed. This produces, 1. False peace 2. False self-control Peace and self-control we get in conventional meditation are false because greater the peace lesser would be the self-control. Original meditation: This meditation is the gold standard of meditation and all other kinds of meditation are easier versions of this Step 1: We bring all the skeletal muscles of the body to isometric resting state which means 50% isometric contraction. We start feeling that the entire skeletal muscular system has become a single skeletal muscle called Unified Skeletal Muscle or USM. Step 2: We make the USM to isometrically contract or harden towards, 1. Middle of the body which is the navel 2. Head 3. Feet. Step_3:"> Step 3: We increase the isometric contraction of the USM to 1. 100% 2. 0% Step 4: We make the USM to contract in 1. One dimension Mode - from head to toe along the line of gravity 2. Two dimension Mode - as seven layers from back to front and front to back 3. Three dimension Mode - as seven concentric layers from skin to skeleton and back 4. 3D surround or god Mode - we make the USM contract at the skeletal and relax at infinite distances Step 5: We make each pair of muscles of facial expression to isometrically contract and feel its effect on the tone of the USM Step 6: We start feeling the muscle around the tongue called the Central Muscular System. We observe the effect on the USM Step 7: We make the muscles attached to the Hyoid bone above the Adams' apple and observe the effects on the USM Step 8: We isometrically divide the USM into seven segments and observe the effect of each on the USM. These eight steps should give absolute control over our life and total freedom The knowledge we acquire this way is called Inner Knowledge.

What is meditation for?

Meditation is the path to enlightenment. One begins by choosing ameditation technique, which helps one to become more aware of one'sthoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. Over time, one'sawareness grows, and one becomes conscious of deeper and deeperlevels of one's being. Finally, the dew drop of the individual "I"drops into the ocean of cosmic consciousness, and enlightenment isattained. Put another way, meditation leads to the understanding that you arenot the mind, you are not the feelings, and you are not the body:in fact, *you* are not. There is only pure awareness, pureconsciousness.

How do you help your guinea pigs get along?

Introduce them slowly, cuddle them both at the same time, and talk softly. Never force them together, or you could harm them, or they could start scratching each other. Give them lots of space in their cage, so they don't have to always be near each other. It takes a lot of time. If they don't like each other, possibly they will learn how to tolerate each other!

How does meditation help Buddhists?

Meditation helps Buddhists to become better people and it makes them realise the answer to questions.

What does meditation do for you?

Meditation has benefits on the body, mind and emotions. Some believe it has spiritual benefits too. Body Reduces tension in muscles, reduces chronic pain, reduces stress which enables faster healing process generally Mind Makes the mind sharper and clearer, improves memory, makes the mind calmer and more relaxed, increases creativity Emotions Increases positive emotions, helps to reduce negative emotions such as depression and anxiety Spirit/Purpose Gives you a greater sense of purpose and greater sense of meaning to life. Meditation Can Be Used to Re-balance Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) and Para-Sympathetic Nervous System (PNS) Stress results from excess firing of the SNS and the failure of the PNS to bring the system into balance. The results of this are complex and multi-factored. At the grossest level it results in an over-excited/over-excitable nervous system and retained muscle tension. More subtly it results in emotional 'touchiness', anxiety and accumulated psychological trauma. Sitting very still 'frees up' the system to allow the PNS to work better at restoring this balance. Manipulating the breath more directly stimulates the PNS. Other yogic techniques aid this process. Another aspect to meditation is the gradual bringing of propriocepton into conscious awareness. This allows direct sensing of the internal effects of stress and more effective use of meditation techniques. This also allows a person to sense how some processes in the body relate to processes in the mind. Meditation techniques using the mind have a physical effect and vice versa - hence the terms psycho-physical, somatics and Mind/Body methods. People with a high degree of proprioceptive awareness can make psycho-physical adjustments to their system that affect their emotional processes in beneficial ways. People with extreme proprioceptive awareness sense things which are termed 'mystical'. They tend to have much less negative emotion than normal people. A very complex set of processes are involved but the most generally reported thing meditation does for you is make you happier.

What is the simplest meditation technique that helps when you are tired from mental work?

Hi there - I like to meditate for 15 minutes when I am mentally tired. Here's what I do: I lie in bed, close my eyes, and imagine all my thoughts about work and to-do lists and stresses literally falling out of my head. I tell myself that I feel healthy, strong, energetic, and refreshed. I also breathe deeply, holding the inhale for about four seconds before exhaling. It really rejuvenates me every time! Hope it helps you too.. For more info about my meditation practices, check out:

Is meditation helped by a particular type of diet?

Yes. However, one needs to proceed with a bit of caution. Make changes to your diet slowly, altering one thing at a time, giving your body time to adjust. Go with what feels right, not with any ambition or impatience of the mind. Ultimately, you want to move towards organic veggies, rice, miso soup, soy milk instead of dairy milk, little or no meat, tofu and beans-and-rice for protein (those meatless meats in the natural foods section are a great source of protein too). A word on the vegetarian piece: for me, there are three reasons. One is the aesthetics: charred flesh is not beautiful to me. Another is this: I ask myself, "can I imagine preparing a food from start to finish?" That is, with a carrot, I can imagine planting, watering, picking, cleaning, and eating. But a cow? Hmmm.... Thirdly, I have found that eating less meat keeps my whole system lighter, which helps with the meditation.

How can IVF help couples become pregnant?

When a couple try and conceive the traditional way, they only have a shot at fertalising one egg a month, as the woman will only release one egg a month. In IVF several eggs will be taken from a woman, and they will all be fertalised outside of the womb (in a kind of test tube). Usually not all of the eggs taken will successfully grow, but there is more of a chance that one will because there are more eggs to work with. Hopefully you might get a few really strong ones, and these are then placed inside the womb to continue with the pregnancy as normal. Again, not all the eggs will survive, but the hope is at least one will, so you will get a baby. Sometimes, all of the eggs continue to grow in the womb, and that's why IVF treatment has been linked to having twins and triplets.

Does meditating help stop stress?

i think it does. especially if you can completely clear your mind and just sit there, relaxed and numb. it really really helps

How does meditation help sports people and martial artists to improve their performance?

If you practice meditation well, you will still your mind . Instead of having your attention being scattered, it will be unified. If you perform any task with a unified mind rather than a scattered mind, you will perform that task better and in a more satisfying way.

How can you do meditation?

Meditation can mean many things to different people and in different religions or traditions. However in all of these the purpose id to provide a break from your normal bsy life and give your mind a chance to calm down. Usually this is done by: . Finding a quiet place without the potential for interesuptions (or interesing things going on to capture your attention) . Setting aside a period of time where you will do the meditations . Sitting or standing comfortably . Entering the quite place and setting down your busy thoughts and concerns and either thinking of nothing or thinking on something (Buddha, Jesus, a flower) to the exclusion of all other thoughts . Assuming a passive attitude . Non-judgmental, non-striving, present-moment awareness . The link provides more exacting details of the process.

What are some items and techniques that help you meditate?

You can't have any stress to meditate. Just close your eyes, and relax. Think of nothing. Yes, it's possible. I'm a psychic, and all I do is close my eyes, and watch what I see. It's like a movie. Sometimes, the vision just comes to me, out of no where. You should join a yoga/meditation class, or buy a book on meditation or DVD.

How does meditation help us in faith?

By meditating you calm your conscious brain and you become more in touch with your higher self and the the Devine Creator of which you are part. It enables you to be more focused on the real issues in your life and your surrounding's It calms you.

Help on hamachi when i try to start it say Meditation server has denied your request?

This would typically occur when upgrading from Hamachi to Hamachi2. Please uninstall Hamachi2, removing all user preferences, and then reinstall to acquire a new IP Address and Client ID. If you removed Hamachi prior to installing the current client, then the settings still remained.

How does meditation help a Buddhist explore their inner space?

I suspect the influence of meditation on the lives of Buddhists is the same as the influence on other humans. Meditation helps strengthen awareness. Meditation helps us to see that we are not the mind, not the emotions, not the body. Meditation brings a sense of calm. Meditation helps us to see that fulfilling the desires of the mind will not bring a lasting sense of contentment. And all of these things change the way we act in our everyday lives. When a business deal falls through, we do not take it as hard. When someone cuts us off on the highway, we laugh instead of yell. When we have an hour between appointments, we stop and breathe into our bellies and enjoy simply being, rather than playing video games.

What should help one meditate?

Get some initial instruction on how to sit properly, which greatly aids in stilling the mind. Although it is not necessary (because you can use, for example, a rolled up carpet that has been folded over), it is best to have a meditation cushion (called a "zafu") or a meditation bench. The instruction and that one piece of equipment are really all you need. It helps if the room is quiet. Since the most distracting sounds are human voices, at least practice where you don't hear people talking or radios or televisions and so on. It is best to sit in the same place to get a routine started. Similarly, find a time (such as first thing in the morning) that works well for you and always sit at that time. Sit with loose, dark clothing-and it helps to wear the same type of clothing each time you sit. It is best to sit in a slightly cool room (because, even though you are sitting motionless, meditation generates a lot of heat). Having a friend or group of friends to sit with regularly can help. Doing some reading can help. Do not read instead of meditating, but consider reading enough every day to keep up your enthusiasm for sitting. If the room is well ventilated and you like it, consider burning some candles or incense. Anything that you can do to make it easier to establish a daily meditation practice, you should do. all are good ideas and do work but you forgot to learn to focus on one taught or question use incense it helps and use a durma doll remember to only fill one eye in until you know what you seek

How does meditation help you to be mindful?

Meditating properly requires that you discipline or train your mind to concentrate on some process such as breathing. The more you meditate properly, the more your ability to concentrate improves. The more you are able to concentrate on whatever you are doing, the more you restrict your mind from wandering uselessly, the less you will feel ill at ease. Therefore, by practicing meditation, you will improve your ability to concentrate. Since all experiences are filtered through your mind, the more you pay attention to them the more you'll get out of them. So paying attention or being more mindful is a great benefit of meditation.

How does meditation help stress management?

If you practice properly and diligently, after a few weeks you will have less difficulty managing stress. (If not, that indicates that you are simply not practicing properly or diligently.) You will soon also experience less emotional instability and agitation. It diminishes emotional stress because it reduces egocentricity and an egocentric evaluation (such as "This is bad for me") is at the heart of every emotion. As you have less emotional, you will naturally experience less tension, anxiety, and nervousness. You will also become more accepting of yourself and of others. This often leads to greater intimacy with loved ones. Furthermore, other people will become more attracted to you. Of course, improved interpersonal relations by themselves remove an important cause of stress. Physically, those who master meditation enjoy lowered blood pressure and blood lipid levels. Meditation has a calming influence on the body, which also reduces an important source of stress. Obviously, meditation is very beneficial when it comes to stress management. Furthermore, unlike drug therapy, it is perfectly natural.

How can meditative activities help buddhists and us to live harmoniously in a community?

One of the effects of meditation is one begins to become disidentified from one's thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. As awareness becomes stronger, one sees that one is not the mind, not the emotions, and not the body. If this is true (and I am not asking you to take my word for it -- you can only discover the truth of this statement by meditating yourself!) then the various thoughts, positions, opinions and so forth that you hold will become more fluid. After you have meditated for a while, it is much harder to hold onto a particular mental position, because you see that "you" do not own your thoughts, and in fact, "you" did not even think of the thoughts. Now, one of the main contributors to conflict in a community is the clash of ideas. One group thinks we should spend money on guns, another on butter. One group thinks we should build a two lane highway, one group thinks it should stay one lane. And so on. But if we are meditating, our attachment to our opinions loosens, and we are able to truly listen to others more deeply, more openly. It therefore becomes easier to collaborate on finding solutions that work for everyone. There is another point. When people sit together and meditate, there is an incredible "heart-melting" that happens. One feels love and connectedness with people, even if one has never spoken a word to them.

Does meditation help?

Yes. Meditation helps strengthen awareness. Meditation helps us to see that we are not the mind, not the emotions, not the body. Meditation brings a sense of calm. Meditation helps us to see that fulfilling the desires of the mind will not bring a lasting sense of contentment. And all of these things change the way we act in our everyday lives. When a business deal falls through, we do not take it as hard. When someone cuts us off on the highway, we laugh instead of yell. When we have an hour between appointments, we stop and breathe into our bellies and enjoy simply being, rather than playing video games.

Does meditation help increase concentration ability?

Do not confuse concentration with meditation. Concentration is the focusing of the mind on an object. Meditation is a relaxation; a gentle witnessing, which brings awareness to what is, and does not use the mind at all -- it watches the mind.

How did meditation help the Buddha?

Meditation is the path to enlightenment. One begins by choosing a meditation technique, which helps one to become more aware of one's thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. Over time, one's awareness grows, and one becomes conscious of deeper and deeper levels of one's being. Finally, the dew drop of the individual "I" drops into the ocean of cosmic consciousness, and enlightenment is attained.

Why you do meditation?

This refers to benefits of Original Meditation only. 1. Original Meditation resets our life. This is what we want to achieve when the dooms day arrives. 2. It enables us to, know the absolute fact of life or Pristine human self or Inner knowledge. Inner self remains true for ever under all conditions and thus is to be sought. 3. It enables us to understand the gods we worship 4. It enables us to understand the functioning of our mind and have control over it under all conditions, improve our physical health , and abolish stress. 5. It enables us to reach super conscious state of mind and thus enables us to understand and have the various kinds of consciousness. 6. It heals the mind and spirit, removing the conflicts in our existence brought about by mental stress.

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Does meditation help sleeping?

Some medications do help to improve your sleeping. There are sleeping pills you can take to sleep easier and quicker than you would without one. I might suggest seeing a doctor as well.

Does listening to music help with meditation or should you learn to do it without music first?

Music can have two effects: For one, it can help relax the mind if it is calming to you. It can, however, also distract you. It really all depends on you. Try it with and without music, and see what is better for you.

What can meditation help you with?

meditation is one of the best ways that you can clear your mind. It helps with spiritual balance as much as it helps with both physical and emotional balance as well. Meditation is a great way to help people think clearly, and it has helped many people with there mind, spiritual, and emotional balances.

How does meditation help martial artists?

The techniques that martial artist practice take a great deal of concentration. Meditation helps to clear and focus a martial artists mind so they can be develop the focus necessary to practice though's techniques.

Can meditation help?

I dont think so but others say it helps you get aware of your surroundings and be faster. I think it slows you down. The best is to run or jog every morning.

Does meditation help in losing weight?

It could help as part of a total program of weight loss that includes eating the right foods in the right amounts and exercising. Meditation helps you manage stress, and a lot of people overeat when they are stressed out. This is likely to be the way that meditation would help you lose weight. Affirmations could be considered a form of meditation, and choosing affirmations that remind you of your goal ("I eat well and take care of my body") and instill confidence ("I can do this!") can help you. Louise Hay has written books on affirmations that are helpful for any personal goal.

How are buddhists helped by meditation?

Meditation helps strengthen awareness. Meditation helps us to see that we are not the mind, not the emotions, not the body. Meditation brings a sense of calm. Meditation helps us to see that fulfilling the desires of the mind will not bring a lasting sense of contentment. And all of these things change the way we act in our everyday lives. When a business deal falls through, we do not take it as hard. When someone cuts us off on the highway, we laugh instead of yell. When we have an hour between appointments, we stop and breathe into our bellies and enjoy simply being, rather than playing video games.

Need help for homeless and penniless couple?

i can get them a home but need money to relocate and take care of minor legal issues

How do yoga and meditation help decrease pain?

Relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation are used to focus the brain elsewhere than on the pain, decrease muscle tension, and reduce stress.

What is meditation .How does it help?

Meditation helps strengthen awareness. Meditation helps us to see that we are not the mind, not the emotions, not the body. Meditation brings a sense of calm. Meditation helps us to see that fulfilling the desires of the mind will not bring a lasting sense of contentment. And all of these things change the way we act in our everyday lives. When a business deal falls through, we do not take it as hard. When someone cuts us off on the highway, we laugh instead of yell. When we have an hour between appointments, we stop and breathe into our bellies and enjoy simply being, rather than playing video games.

What sounds help a buddhists meditate?

Typically sounds are not used in meditation. There is one type of meditation called Sound Meditation in which the meditator just listens to and accepts the sounds that occur without trying to predict the next sound or to try to examine the sound, but to just listen and let it go.

How does meditation help Sikhs?

Yoga is not bound to any religion cast or sex . So whether you are Hindu, Muslim,Christian or whichever religion you belong yoga does not see your religion. Yoga is an ancient science that has all benefits no dangers. Yoga along with meditation will give you wisdom, healthy life and positive energy to lead happy,stress free and cheerful life.

Does meditation help you to fall asleep fast?

Meditation is not used to make yourself fall asleep, but rather to relax. When your body and mind are relaxed, it can definitely make it easier to fall asleep quicker than normal.

How might meditation help us to become a good person?

it can help you beacause when you meditate you clear your mind. and when you clear your mind, you won't have stress.

How does meditation help a believer?

Meditation helps you to turn down thoughts and turn up spirit. Connecting to spirit will help you to go from believing to knowing.

How does meditation help Buddhists reach enlightenment?

Perhaps different Buddhist tradition would have have differing views. From my own perspective meditation creates the conditions and training to rest in the true experience of mind released from the limitations of attachment and aversion.

How can relationship therapy help couples?

Relationship therapy can help couples with sexual or intimacy problems. With therapy, conflicts can be resolved and communication can be improved amongst partners. New skills that will help the relation can be learnt as well.

How does meditation help me advance in witchcraft?

Meditation can help you advance in witchcraft by allowing you to focus more on goals and desires. It can help put you in touch with who you are and also allow you to let go of stress. This can be useful when trying to advance in anything, including witchcraft.

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