How does physical and occupational therapy treat myasthenia gravis?

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Physical and occupational therapists provide strategies to maintian daily activities. Shower stools, rolling carts for shopping and exercises to maintain posture all help avoid fatigue.
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What is myasthenia gravis?

Answer . It is an autoimmune neuromuscular disease, characterized by muscle weakness and fatiguability. Where antibodies are directed against the muscle's own acetylcholin

What are the sign and symptoms of myasthenia gravis?

Initial symptoms of MG may include difficulty speaking (dysarthria), difficulty swallowing (dysphagia), drooping eyelids (ptosis), and double vision (diplopia). Patients often

What do people with myasthenia gravis lack?

People with MG suffer with debilitating muscle weaknesses in their arms, legs, face, throat, hands and eyes. The symptoms of muscle weakness may occur at any time but most oft

Can myasthenia gravis cause gastroparesis?

I've had MG (diagnosed) for 17 years. It would seem that MG could result in gastroparesis. However, it is possible that MG treated with large doses of prednisone or other co

How does thymectomy treat myasthenia gravis?

Thymectomy or thymus removal is recommended for most with this disease. Greatest benefit occurs 2 to 5 years afterwards. The best response are in young people early in the ons
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How is neostigmine chemically used to treat myasthenia gravis?

Neostigmine is a competitive irreversible inhibitor ofAcetylcholinesterase (AChE), an enzyme responsible for breakingdown acetylcholine (ACh). Myasthenia gravis is caused by t