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Protein denaturation occurs when it is heated up to a certain temperature; once the temperature is too high the hydrogen bonds will break first, resulting in the "unraveling" of the protein. This will allow for the amino acid (primary structure) to be present. Therefore, it is important in specific experiments to make sure that the temperature doesn't become too high otherwise the proteins will disassemble themselves.
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How can you denature a protein?

Denaturation is a where proteins lose their structure. Denaturation  takes place by changing the PH level, the temperature, or the ionic  strength.

What is a denatured protein?

  A protein that has lost its native nature conformation by exposure to a destabilizing agent such as heat or detergent.

What is protein denaturation?

Denaturation is more commonly known nas aeration. It is the process of the unraveling of protien strands from their spiral coil structure. The uncoiled protiens then wrap arou

What is denaturation of a protein?

Denaturation of proteins involves the disruption and possible destruction of both the secondary and tertiary structures. Since denaturation reactions are not strong enough to

How do proteins denature?

Proteins can be denatured by: - high temperatures (which break weak intermolecular bonds between the amino acids, and making the protein denature) - acids or bases (which reac

When a protein is denatured?

Denaturation of protein by heating, freezing acidifyingdryingoxidationde-ionisation, de-chelation etc.

What is denaturing proteins?

Protein molecules change shape when you heat them. Then energy from cooking breaks some of the chemical bonds in the protein and this allows the molecule to take a different s

Why do protein denature?

A protein consists of amino acids. Some of these amino acids are polar, having positively charged sides and negatively charged sides. A change in PH simply means a change in t
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What is denaturation and how can proteins be denatured?

Denaturation is the loss of structure in proteins, destroying their binding sites and making them dysfunctional. Since proteins can only work in a specific environment, severa

Denaturation of protein?

denaturation is disorganization of native structure of protein with concomitant loss of biological activity CAUSES1 physical agent  .heat.x-ray. uv radiation 2 chemical agent