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A basic summary of how radar works is that a pulse is transmitted and any return or echo is listened for. If a return is sensed, the timing between the transmission and the reception of the echo is used to determine how far away an object is. There are some other ways in which radar works as well.
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Do police radars work in the fog?

The radar works just fine, but the operator (the traffic officer) may not be able to see an approaching vehicle as well or as far away in fog conditions. The proper way to use

What is radar?

"RADAR" is an acronym for RAdio Detection And Ranging, which is a broadcast beam and receiver, used primarily to detect the objects (such as aircraft) which are at a distance

Does a radar gun work in the rain?

I would assume so. Radar is just another form of electromagnetic radiation, just like light. I would infer that if you can see through the rain (that's light), then other form

Does the Ghost Radar app really work?

The official description of how Ghost Radar works (acording to it's developer Spud Pickles) is as follows: How does Ghost Radar work? Modern mobile devices are amazing devic

Can radar work when police in motion?

No. With police officers in motion, it would appear that cars would be going slower. Say that a car is going 50 MPH, and you are going 45 MPH. Eventually the vehicle wil be ah

What does radar?

What does radar what? What does it do? Weather radar scans layers of the atmosphere to find rain and storms. Rain or clouds will reflect the radar signal back to the transmitt

What does a radar do?

  Radar sends out a radio wave and measures the reflected radio wave using it to calculate a target's speed, shape, material the object is made of, and direction of moveme

How does ghost radar work?

The Frank's Box was one that cycles through random frequencies and allegedly allows spirits to manipulate said frequencies so that certain broadcasted words can be used to res

Does Police radar work at night?

Yes!!! Radar uses its own emitter. To the receiver it is always night until the transmitter is tuned on. Turning on the transmitter is like turning on a flashlight.  

How does a radar work?

Radar is something that is in use all around us, although it is normally invisible. Air traffic control uses radar to track planes both on the ground and in the air, and also
In Pokemon

How does the poke radar work?

It only works when you are not on you're bike & you are in the grass but the poke radar has to recharge after you use it.So when you are on you're bike & you are in the grass