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How does riding a bike save the environment?

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Because if you are using a Bicycle you are not burning a fossil fuel (petrol/gasoline), as you would be if you were driving a car and as you are not burning fossil fuels you are not adding additional Carbon Dioxide to the atmosphere, which if you did, would contribute to global warming.
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How do you ride a bike?

What I did to learn how to ride my bike is this: Find a long steadyhill, preferable a bit of steadily up hill road in a cul-de-sac ora bit of path. Now get onto your bike, wi

Where does a bike ride if there is no bike lane?

If there is no bike lane, then the appropriate place to ride is on the roadway. As a slower vehicle you must abide by the rules of the roadway and allow any traffic you are

How much CO2 can you save if you ride a bike?

Depends entirely on how much riding the person does, and what the person would have done otherwise. If the person is riding a bicylce instread of using an motorized vehicle, t

Is walking or riding a bike better for the environment?

They're pretty much the same, as neither need any fuel and don't  have any emissions.   If you're really strict, walking is a little bit better because  less energy is n

Is the mountain bike the hardest bike to ride?

A bike is a bike is a bike, can you ride one you can ride them all - after a fashion. MTBs in particular are rather easy to handle as the riding position is fairly upright. In

What is the average of gas you save by riding a bike?

Take the distince you are riding your bike, divide it by the miles per gallion that your car gets. This will give you the number of gallons of gas you save. For Example if you
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How does riding bikes or walking help the environment?

Avoiding powered transportation (cars, buses, even electric ones)  will save energy, which would otherwise have to be generated mainly  by burning fossil fuels. Combustion o