How does satellite imaging in the sky work?

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Satillite imagining is a process where a satelitte in space is sending beams to various places on earth. these later take pictures and send it to earth
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How do you get satellite images?

You get images from a satellite using a frequency band. The best way to access satellite images is with Google maps. However, if you want your own, you will need to have at

Why are satellites visible in the night sky?

Because they reflect sunlight at Earth as they fly over head. That is why when you see one, it starts barely able to be seen, gets brighter and then dims until you cannot see

How do the satellites stay positioned in the sky?

The satellites that "stay positioned" in the sky are called geostationary. The way it works is this. First, the satellite must be in orbit around the equator. Also, to stay in

Color of sky when seen from a satellite?

When we look up from the earth, we are looking into the atmosphere. The atmosphere appears blue because its gases scatter solar radiation in the longest parts of the visible p

How do satellites and computers work together to produce images of earth?

I have the same question in the textbook the answer is that satellites use sensors to detect changes in the wavelength of light that is reflected from earth surface. They send

Can you see the satellites in the sky?

You can see some of them if you know when and where to look. A few of them, like the International Space Station, are actually extremely bright (it can, under good conditions,

How can you align your satellite sky dish?

You can use a compass. Once you have the dish roughly aligned left to right with the compass bearing The second step is to align the dish vertically. The correct elevation of