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Sedimentary rock can be changed into igneous rock by undergoing melting and then solidification. At a subduction zone (at a convergent plate boundary, where one plate slides beneath another), layers of sedimentary rock will be assimilated into the mantle. Some areas may undergo enough heating to actually melt, especially if there is water or carbon dioxide trapped in the rock. If this rock later makes it to the surface and cools, it will become an igneous rock. Another area where sedimentary rock could be changed into igneous rock is on the interior of a composite volcano -- The heat and force of the magma could break off chunks of volcanic welded tuff, causing it to melt. If the volcano then erupts, the former sedimentary rock would be incorporated into the lava and solidify into igneous rock.
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How does sedimentary rock change into igneous rock and metamorphic rock?

  A sedimentary rock can change from that to a metamorphic rock then into an Igneous rock.   e.g.   Mudstone (sedimentary) is in the Zone of Diagenesis, when it is s

How does igneous rock change to sedimentary?

Igneous rock exposed at the surface is weathered into small  particles, which are then deposited as sediment. Compaction and  cementation then turn that sediment into sedime

How can a sedimentary rock can change into a Igneous Rock?

Sedimentary rocks can change to igneous rock when it goes  through the rock cycle so a sediment can move to igneous rock where  there is a volcanic activity happens making t

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The surface of igneous rock is broken down over time through erosion processes into smaller particles and eventually sediment, it can be through different erosion processes su
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How sedimentary rock changes to igneous?

Sedimentary rock to change to Igneous rock by applying heat and pressure , which creates Metamorphic rock . Next , Metamorphic rock turns to Magma because it melts . Lastly yo

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Sedimentary rock goes deep in the Earth and reaches magma. It then melts and becomes part of the magma. Since the newly formed magma is less dense than the surrounding rock it

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An igneous rock can not change directly into a sedimentary rock.  The process of weathering and erosion will destroy an igneous rock  over time and the pieces resulting from