How does space give us oxygen?

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The oxygen we use everyday in a breathable form is not normally found in space beyond our own atmosphere. The plant ecosystem here converts carbon dioxide to oxygen. NASA must transport large containers of air for the astronauts to breath on space missions. Over last few years NASA and other space agencies have started using oxygen generators, some of which convert water to oxygen. These devices are very expensive and not very efficient, but are improving over time.
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When did space lose oxygen?

Answer . It didn't.\n. \nSpace does have some oxygen, it is just extremely thin almost everywhere (except in the atmospheres of some planets).

Doe weeds give us oxygen?

yes they do because they suck in carbon dioxide then turn it into oxygen if they didnt then sirtan types of fish would die out.. yes they do because they suck in carbon dioxide then turn it into oxygen if they didnt then sirtan types of fish would die out.

How are Hydrogen and Oxygen used in Rocket fuel to propell a rocket into space?

the answer is in the physics of a rocket a (as in the shuttle) convergant divergant nozzle rocket.the fuel is mixed and burned on one side of a throat, inside of a chamber that can be thaught of as two bells touching at the top. the burning creates pressure and the pressure is exhausted th (MORE)

Where do the astronauts on the space shuttles get their oxygen?

Liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen are carried on board in two systems of pressurized tanks. The cabin pressurization system combines the gases in the correct mixture at normal atmospheric pressure. While in orbit, only one oxygen system and one nitrogen system are used to pressurize the orbiter. Dur (MORE)

How do trees give us oxygen?

A tree absorbs carbon dioxide through its leaves, extracts thecarbon to contribute to its growth, and releases the oxygen throughits leaves. A tree also absorbs water through its roots, extractsthe hydrogen to contribute to growth, and releases the oxygenthrough its leaves. That is how trees produce (MORE)

How do plants give us oxygen?

Using the chemical process called photosynthesis, plants take incarbon dioxide and break it down into carbon for use in makingchemicals the plants use, and oxygen which they release as a wasteproduct.

Is there oxygen in space?

NO there is no oxygen in space, space is a vacuum and if you went out there one: it's impossible to breath and two: because its a vacuum, without a balance of gasses like oxygen and a suit you would literally explode because there is nothing holding you together and since space is a vacuum you would (MORE)

How is oxygen created on a space station?

The oxygen in space stations is created through a process called electrolysis, which uses energy from solar panels to split water (H 2 O) into hydrogen gas (H 2 ) and oxygen gas (O 2 ).

Will there be oxygen in space if you plant a tree there?

\nInteresting question.\n. \nThe Oxygen must come from somewhere.\n. \nOn Earth a plant gets oxygen from 2 sources. Water and/or the atmosphere. It does not just make it up, simply transforms it from one form to another.\n. \nA plant takes in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and releases the Oxygen (O2) in (MORE)

Does the sun give us oxygen?

Yes. The sun makes plants have photosynthesis and grow, then those plants give off oxegyn while taking in carbon dioxide.

Why there is no oxygen in space?

On an absolute scale, there's lots of oxygen in space. It's just not concentrated enough for you to breathe. There really isn't a why. It's just the way things are. The average density of the universe is basically a coincidence; it happens to have the mass it does and the volume it does, and "wh (MORE)

How or where does a tree get oxygen to give us?

A tree absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, and, with the input of energy from sunlight, oxidizes many of the oxygen atoms of the absorbed carbon dioxide to elemental oxygen, which is released into the atmosphere. The carbon and some of the oxygen atoms from the absorbed carbon dioxide are incorpora (MORE)

How much oxygen does the ocean give us?

50 to 85 percent. In modern times - up to 1975 at least - 70% of the Earth's Oxygen {O2} is produced exclusively by phytoplankton. The oxygen is produced by phytoplankton in the top layers of the Ocean, especially by desmids, diatoms and dinoflagellates---tiny single Celled organisms with shel (MORE)

What plants give us oxygen?

All of them, basically. The carbon dioxide you breathe goes into plants. Then, through a process called photosynthesis, the plants "breathe" out oxygen. It's believed that two trees can give you enough oxygen to live your entire life.

Why do you have to have oxygen when you go outer space?

Oxygen is needed in our body so we can survive. The cells in our body need it and without oxygen, the cells will die and we will die. When people go in to outer space there is no oxygen so oxygen tanks are taken so the astronauts receive the oxygen they need

How come earth has oxygen and space does not?

Earth's atmosphere (the air we breathe) is bound to the area nearits surface by gravity. Plants and algae on Earth produce oxygenthrough a process called photosynthesis, which turns water andcarbon dioxide into sugar and oxygen. Space is mostly devoid ofgasses because, in simple terms, it is very bi (MORE)

Do oak trees give us oxygen?

Yes. All plants, trees, vegetation take in carbon dioxide, and give out oxygen. This is known as the carbon oxygen exchange.

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Allot of the time people just use a css document or you can just use a brace tag (specified as ) which is a tag that works in both HTML and html5. The brace tag is also a self ending tag and doesn't have any attributes that you can add so most of the time its a good idea to us a css document but a (MORE)

What do plants give us other than oxygen and food?

They give us the very start to a food chain, and food chains on earth as we experience them are how energy is transferred between life forms (predator and prey) and are the key to survival, they use the suns energy in the form of photons-- bugs eat plants---birds eat bugs--- and so on. Plants have a (MORE)

How do astronauts replenish oxygen in space?

They don't. They take oxygen with them when they leave for space. Oxygen in the international space station is replenished (along with other supplies, such as food) via supply rockets.

Do palm trees give us oxygen?

Well, all plants filter the air so there are no toxins in the air. As they do this, they produce oxygen. So, since palm trees are plants, they would naturally filter out the air and create oxygen.

Why is oxygen important for space travel?

On unmanned missions, its only requirement is as a combustion agent for the Hydrogen fuel used as a propellant. In manned missions, it is also required so that the astronauts can breathe without the need for a space-suit (at least inside the capsule/lander/shuttle/station). It is mixed with nitrog (MORE)

Why is liquid oxygen used in space shuttle engines?

Liquid Nitrogen is used in a Space Shuttle to cool down the SpaceShuttle Main Engine's (SSME) Main Combustion Chamber (MCC) becausethe temperatures experienced during lift exceed 3,315 degreesCelcius or 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit. If Liquid Nitrogen was notused the SSME would warp in shape and melt.

Where is oxygen in space?

Mostly in planetary nebulae where a star that was big enough to produce oxygen when it exploded is.

How can you have ice in space with no oxygen?

The element oxygen does occur in space, in fact it is the thirdmost abundant element after hydrogen and helium. It is just not inits elemental form as you find on Earth. Most of the oxygen in theuniverse is bound to other elements in compounds such as water(ice) and the minerals that make up rocks. (MORE)

How oxygen and hydrogen gives us moral values in life?

As far as I'm aware, it doesn't. Maybe, you can take into consideration of how two Hydrogen molecules come together and share bonds in order to form a molecule of water. Maybe, you can infer qualities of sharing or team work from this. Other than this, I can't think of anything.

Does drinking water give us oxygen?

In a way yes, water is after all H2O or oxygen and hydrogen so it does give u oxygen but if your question is does it give our lungs oxygen the answer is no. While oxygen is in the chemical composition that does not mean it is inhaled.

Why do rockets carry oxygen into space?

There is no free oxygen in space, so they need to carry oxygen withthem to allow their fuel to burn and, in the case of mannedspacecraft, for the crew to breathe.

Can oxygen be ignited by a space heater?

Technically, no, but there still is a fire hazard. Oxygen itself isnot flammable. It does, however support the burning of flammablesubstances; this is how fires burn normally. Oxygen tanks providepure oxygen (nearly 5 times the natural concentration), which meansthat any flammable substances in cont (MORE)

Does oxygen give us energy?

Yes, but not directly. Your mitochondria must "burn" hydrogen and oxygen to form water ANDtransfer that energy to ADP in order to form ATP, That energy youcan use.