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technology is a way of sharing information. it gives people a better understanding on things and is alot better than writing down things because it is a hands on activity. tecnhology is the resiource for making life easier
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How information and communication technology affects the world?

  Information technology together with communication technology has made life easier on us people. It bridges the communication gaps, it gives rise to more job opportuniti

How does technology affect managerial communication?

Some ways technology affect managerial communication are:    Managers in different areas can communicate via chat and video  chat over the Internet.  Managers can be r

How technology has affected communication?

      Modern technology has affected communication in organization in a very positive way.  Now, passing on new notices in organization, Having distant meeti

How information and communication technology affects marketing sector?

"Information- and Technology-based Marketing" addresses how to use customer information and the technology to process it (i.e. databases, analytics, computing systems) to lear

Why the advancement in technology and population growth affected community health?

Because the more population the more people will desire for more advance technology because as time goes by this technology were using now cannot solve our problem just like m

How does modern communication technology affect students?

At this current day and age, students have cell phones. The majority of students that have cellphones usually are texting in class, just to talk to their friends about who kno
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How does technological change affect the way language is used and the way communication takes place?

Technology can change our way of communication by creating the new Devices like (Computers, Smartphones..etc) which makes life easier but decrease our social lives and prevent