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How does technology distract students from studying?

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Because students get lazier and lazier every time they use tehnology. That's kind of the reason kids are getting obese these days. No offense. They sit in the house all day wacthing television, playing game systems, playing on the computers, and listening to the radio all day.
^Radios went out of style in the '50's^
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How do you study for exams when there are a lot of distractions?

Studying with Distractions   It depends on what type of distractions you mean. If the distractions are small children than it has been my experience to wait until they ar

How do you study without being distracted?

Set a time for studying, and treat it like a job or another class you need to take. Don't skive off or slack off or find excuses to skip the work.Have everything you will need

How do you study without getting distracted?

Easy - study someplace without distractions. Study away from the computer, your cell phone, the TV, the radio, your favorite book, and anyone who is likely to talk to you or c

Do cell phones distract students?

It depends on what they are doing on them... for instance, they could be texting they're friends about the newest movie in the cinema, or playing games, or they could just hav

How can technology be distracting?

Technology is addicting and distracting, just take personal experience. Have you ever had a time when you were on the computer, on the phone, playing games, watching TV, etc.

Does the internet distract the student?

Depends what the situation is. If the teacher is trying to teach and the student is browsing the web, they are probably not paying attention to the teacher so it is a distract