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How does technology distract students from studying?

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Because students get lazier and lazier every time they use tehnology. That's kind of the reason kids are getting obese these days. No offense. They sit in the house all day wacthing television, playing game systems, playing on the computers, and listening to the radio all day.
^Radios went out of style in the '50's^
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How can technology be distracting?

Technology is addicting and distracting, just take personal experience. Have you ever had a time when you were on the computer, on the phone, playing games, watching TV, etc.

What is the importance of science and technology to students?

Since the world is changing to adapt to the influx of technologies  everywhere, teaching technology to students will help them obtain  jobs in the future.Science courses are

Why study ethics in information technology?

It is important t study ethics in information technology. This will  help in providing the moral principles that can be applied in the  information technology world.

What is important Love or study for a student?

i think that studies are important but missing out on everything else wouldn't be fun. its good to date here a there but teens aren't really ready to settle down with a seriou

How does technology and media affect a student?

Change in student and teacher roles • Increased motivation and self esteem • Technical skills • Accomplishment of more complex tasks • More collaboration with

What is the significance study of modern technology?

There are a lot of studies that are significant with regard to  modern technology. One major study is the impact of advanced  technology on society.

Technology is the study of?

Technology can be defined as the art of using scientific knowledge to build useful devices, inventions, machines, or structures of whatever type.

How technology ruins the life of student?

You could say it ruins the life of the student by letting the computer do the work for him. Technology can also be used as an immediate reference. I do not beleive that techno

How do you study for exams when there are a lot of distractions?

Studying with Distractions   It depends on what type of distractions you mean. If the distractions are small children than it has been my experience to wait until they ar

Importance of studying technology in school?

The importance of studying technology in school is that it provides  an understanding of various technologies. Technology has taken over  the all aspects of world like commu