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How does the AC condenser come out of a 97 Dakota V8 and what kind of connection is used on it?

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You need to recharge your ac on a Lincoln ls 2000 v8 where is the low side connection?

Answer   The Low side Connector port is located on the A/C compressor itself. This is on the bottom of driver's side of engine. You must jack up car and remove access pan

Where is the AC condenser drain hose in a 97 Jetta?

The 1997 VW Jetta air conditioning condenser drain hose can be  found on the bottom of the air conditioner compressor. The drain  hose will direct condensation to the bottom

Why does the airbag warning come on - 03 Dodge Dakota V8?

The airbag computer has detected a malfunction. This is not a DIY repair. Take it to a professional.

What does the ac condenser do?

Refrigerant enters the condenser as a high pressure vapor. In the condenser, the heated refrigerant is cooled by transferring its heat to the air which passes through the cond

What is ac condenser?

ac condenser means "Air Cooled Condenser". The cooling media is Air. The fluid or anything which is being circulated through (inside) the coils /tube being cooled by the exp

What weight oil would you use in a 2001 Dodge Dakota 2wd 4.7L V8?

The manufacturer recommends 5W30, but 10W30 is usually also satisfactory in most operating environments. However, if you operate your Dakota (or any other vehicle) in an extre