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It doesn't. The FCC does not regulate the internet because information on the internet is owned; when you create any type of data and place it on the Internet you are placing it on hard drive space - which is owned by whomever owns the computer itself, therefore it's private property and the only regulation it's subject to is that of federal law and nothing else.
The FCC was created by federal law 47 USC §151 to regulate wire and radio mediums for interstate and world-wide communications. The FCC has treated the "net" as some mysterious "wholly new medium for human communications" and not the broadcasting and private exchanges of communications in the wire medium the "net"has always been. This wholly ignorant SCOTUS mistake was the Reno v ACLU (96-511) error and done before WiFi radio became pervasive.

The block-quoted belief is perhaps why the FCC felt they could get away with malfeasance in not regulating communications via the common carrier of networked wires and ignoring federal criminal statutes 18 U.S.C. §§(1462, 1464, 2511).

No court has even read much of the communications act of 1934. The FCC will be required to regulate internet wire television and everything else on the ""net exactly they way they try to monitor radio TV. This is a clear generational issue. If you grew up without computers, cell phones, and porn-er-net, explains the rediculous errors of the senior citizen judges. it is hard to apply law to technology you have absolutely no formative life experiences with. When people who are around 45 now make up Congress and 100% of the Supreme Court the porn-er-net is over. The porn-er-net will be banned by the rest of the world long, long before this.
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