How does the bolt on a Cooey 64B come apart?

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It should come apart like any other bolt action rifle pull up and back
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What is the value of a cooey 64B serial number CA075071?

aprox 275.00 to 300.00 Try 1/2 of that. A pristine one might fetch $200 to $225. Most $100 to $150 depending upon which magazine it has (plastic or steel) The plastic magazine

How does the bolt on a Cooey 60 come apart?

look 4 Savage Lakefield Mark #1 bolt action After the bolt is removed from the gun using prior instructions about bolt removal,you will first drive out the pin that you see

How do you remove the bolt on a cooey 600 Winchester?

First remove the barrel action by unscrewing the only bolt that attaches it to stock.Then loosen the1/2 nut that hold the magazine in place, this will allow the magazine to rr

Where can a buy a clip for a cooey 64B 22 LR?

savage arms they still make this rifle its called the model 64. there are a few varients of it. this question has been anwsered befor please read existing post befor starting