How does the cartoon movie Hercules illustrate the typical Greek myth?

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It doesn't. It doesn't even come close to the real story of Hercales. Hollywood doesn't do mythology very well.
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Who wrote the Greek myth Hercules?

It is a myth- it had been passed down through generations. There is no specific person who wrote the myth- it's like saying, "Who came up with all the stories in the Bible?" C

What is the theme of the Greek myth Hercules?

some would say persistence. Some would say that you need to be comfortable in your own skin. For me, Hercules was a dime-god that showed us the importance of never giving up o

In greek myths how did Hercules die?

When Hercules was trying to take his bride Deianeira home, he had to cross the Evenus River. Nessus, a centaur, served as ferryman. First he rowed Hercules across and then, as

Does hera come out in the cartoon movie Hercules?

I don"t know about the Disney movie- but the old cartoon Hercules- produced by one of the smaller cartoon houses, had three main Characters, Hercules, Hera- who was his wife-

What did Hercules do in the myth?

Hercules means glory of hera to appease hera because he was the son of one of many of Zeus affairs. Hera cause much trouble to Hercules making him kill his family n stuff he w

Who is Apollo in the myth Hercules?

Apollo is the Greek and Roman God of the sun, music, prophesy, and medicine. He is one of the few gods whose name is the same in both Greek and Roman Mythologies.

Was Hercules a myth or a legened?

From my reading it appears that he may be legend. Hercules was his Roman name and Heracles his Greek name. He was the son of Zeus and Alcema. Alcema was the wife of Amphitryon