How does the day and night occur?

How does day and night occur? Day and night occur because of earths rotation. It turns dark outside when the sun is on the other side of earth. All of this happens during the 24 hour cycle.Basiclly I'm saying is when the Earth rotates on its axis day and night occur.
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What was before day and night and how do they occur?

Why Day and Night Occur   Day and night occur because the earth rotates around its own axis. This rotation takes about 24 hours to complete. As the sun is a star and not (MORE)

How day and night occurs?

Day and night occurs because the earth rotates .As a point of the surface of the earth reaches parallel to the sun it will most likely be 12:00 pm
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Why night and day occur?

Day and night are caused due to Earth's axial rotation around the Sun; along with the fact that we have just one Sun.
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