How does the honey badger avoid the dangerous and painful bee stings?

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Honey badgers do get stung, but they have a coarse coat and a tough skin which bees find difficult to penetrate with their stings.
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Do Honey Bees Sting?

Yes Honey Bees do sting! The sting is found in the abdomen, thelarger part of the Bee which also contains the heart, the waxglands and the reproductive organs. There are two g

What allows a honey bee to sting?

Pretty plain and simple.... If you don't do anything to it, it won't do anything to you. Basically, they're as frightned of us as we are of them.. so try not to step on them

Do honey bees die after sting?

A worker honey bee's sting is barbed, so after she has thrust it into the victim she cannot pull it back out. When the bee pulls away, the sting remains behind, together with

What happen when a honey bee stings you?

It will sting for a while on the spot where it stung you, this can be relieved by applying vinegar on the spot, don't keep rubbing it, it will only make it worse and the pain

Are honey badgers dangerous?

yes. they could kill you. in a programme called roar a park keeper said that in 1998 a keeper fell in and was killed. they also keep electric wires around the side so: . the

Do honey comb bees sting?

Yes, however, the stinger is actually a modified ovipositor. An ovipositor is the body part, or device a queen bee uses to lay eggs. She can also use it as a stinger. Worker b

Why do honey bees sting people?

Honey bees sting people when those people are perceived, by the very rudimentary intelligence and instinctive response patterns of the bee, as being a potential threat to the