How does the liver control blood sugar?

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When the blood sugar is very high in the body, the pancreas makes a hormone called 'insulin' this hormone tells the liver to take the excess glucose out of the blood. The glucose is stored as glycogen, a type of sugar, in the liver. The glucose in the blood falls to its correct level.

Also when we excercise, the muscles in our body use up a lot of glucose. If blood glucose falls, the pancrease makes another hormone 'glucagon'. This tells the liver to convert some glycogen into glucose and put it back into the blood. Glucose in the blood rises to its correct level.
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What organ controls blood sugar?

The pancreas secretes insulin, a hormone regulator. And also the liver removes sugar from your body by turning it into glycogen, another hormone regulator, which your body bur

What controls blood sugar levels?

with type ones you must take insulin (medicine given in the form of shots) to control your blood sugar. In some cases of type 2 diabetes diet and exercise alone does not low

What hormones control blood sugar?

Insulin acts to increase glucose uptake into cells decreasing blood sugar. Glucagon acts to stimulate glucose release from the liver, increasing blood sugar.

Does the Liver help control blood sugar levels?

No, insulin (secreted by the pancreas) and glucagon (also secreted by the pancreas) regulate blood sugar levels through a process called negative feedback. Basically when the

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The foods you eat contains sugar which is burnt when we exercise. The liver controls the amount of sugar in your body. When you dont do physical exercise the sugar does not ge

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The blood sugar level is controlled via hormones such as insulin and glucagon. There are many other hormones associated with this function but these two hormones are the chief