How does the mini torch lighter ignite?

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electronid ignition
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Can you use torch fuel in a Zippo lighter?

sadly no you cannot. Zippo lighters store Fuel (normally Naphtha , a mixture of different flammable gases) in a section of cotton stored under the chimney. The wick is thread

What temperature does a mini torch put out?

Well... it depends. There are a lot of objects purporting to be mini-torches... everything from pen-sized mini-torches to hand held jobs, to oxyacetylene torches that will tel

How hot does a torch lighter get?

lol actually me and my friend had a good time with this one we took my thermamoter and light the Bic lighter and the thermo stat went around twice to a grand total of 300 degr

Can you fill a creme brulee torch with lighter fluid?

Not usually. Most creme brulee torches use pressurized butane gas as the fuel. This is the same as your regular BIC dollar lighter. It's the most common and cheapest, stored

Can a culinary torch be replaced with a lighter?

Sorry, no it can't. A lighter just doesn't generate the heat needed for cooking.
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Where could one acquire a mini torch?

Mini torches can be bought at many of the common home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowes. Mini torches can also be found at hardware stores such as Harbor Freigh