How does the public find out what the audit committee does?

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Roles and responsibilities of audit committees are disclosed in the annual proxy statements of publicly owned companies.
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What is audit committee?

Audit Committe enhance communication between Internal Audit, External Audit and CFO. Audit Committe assist directors to avoid litigatio risk.

What is an audit committee?

An audit committee is made up of between five and seven members ofa company's Board of Directors. The audit committee is responsiblefor ensuring that the auditors remain indep

What does Audit Committee Terms of Reference mean?

It's the only way to define, focus and limit the terms of any audit committee. Will it simply monitor?. Will it try to detect fraud?. Will it just balance the books?. or a

Are audit committees strictly an American invention?

In addition to the presence of audit committees in companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges, a number of stock exchanges in Canada, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the As

Who relies on the information in a public audit?

because the parties that rely on their work extend beyond the client (often a corporation) who pays them, to the business and financial community, including stockholders, inve
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What are some tasks performed by audit committees?

audit committees, through their planning, reviewing, and monitoring activities, can recognize potential problem areas and take corrective action before problems that affect co