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How does the sand watch or hourglass works?

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in legent of zelda,you has new sand from boss(if you win)and the phantom hourglass works ONLY on the temple of the ocean king.
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How many grains of sand are in an hourglass?

That will strongly depend on both the cross-sectional area of the regulating orifice, and the duration of the time period that the device is designed to delineate.

Who first said like sand through the hourglass these are the Days of Our Lives?

  Answer   In 1965, when Days of our Lives first debuted, Ed Prentiss first said, 'Like sands through the hourglass so are the Days of our Lives.' Then in the 1970s t

How does the hourglass work?

When you go inside the temple of the ocean king, if you are not on a safe zone, it prevents you from getting hurt by the ground. But there is a certain time till it wears off.

How does the size of the sand effect the flow through the hourglass?

The size of the sand will go into play with many other factors. If  the size of the neck is narrow and the size of the sand is wide, it  will take longer for the sand to pas

How do hourglasses work?

they work by using the sand in it.when sand goes to the lower compartment. when it comes to the lower compartment fully one hour is over.

Why is only desert sand used in hourglasses?

Any sand used in an hourglass should be dry. If there is any moisture in the sand, it may clump, or simply not flow smoothly through the narrow portion (the metering portion)

Why isn't Zelda phantom hourglass working?

If you are talking about the hourglass when you are in the temple, then you probably ran out of sand. If you are talking about its having problems and won't function properly,