How does the shutter affect exposure?

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The shutter affects exposure by working with the aperature to control the light in an image. Shutter speeds vary for as long as you would like the "film" (CCD sensor) exposed to the light. The longer your shutter is open, the brighter the picture will come out - and your images will be more blurred if you move the camera. The faster the shutter is closed, your images will be darker, and less blurred when moving the camera. Hope his helps!
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Does shutter speed affect your pictures?

Yes, shutter speed can affect your pictures in many different ways. Your shutter controls the length of time during which light can strike the film or sensor, and altering t

Is exposure composed of shutter speed and aperture in various combinations?

Yes. Sensitivity of the film is also a factor in correct exposure, as are the processing conditions, though the latter are less significant as a variable in a very tightly con

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How does exposure affect the quality of a picture?

The longer the exposure the more light is let into the camera, as a result the picture will be brighter/lighter/whiter. The shorter the exposure, the less light let in, and th

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How would you set the ISO for shutter speed and aperture for correct exposure on a rainy day and why?

The ISO speed, shutter, and aperture are all interconnected. There is never necessarily one "correct" setting for all 3. However, if you're not shooting on a tripod, you proba

How do aperture and shutter speed affect exposure?

Aperture is hole that shutter creates to let in light to compose your image. The bigger the aperture, or smaller the f-stop (f/2), lets in more light. The shutter speed is how

What effect do aperture and shutter speed have on exposure?

Each of these directly effect the overall exposure. Aperture adjusts the size of the opening that lets light comes through. The bigger the opening, the more light that hits

How does shutter speed effect exposure?

The faster your shutter speed is, the more underexposed (darker) your subject/ scene will be. fast shutter speeds include 1/200th of a second, 1/320, 1/400, 1/500, 1/640, 1/80

What effect does aperture and shutter speed have on exposure?

Aperture limits the amount of light that can reach the film (or sensor). The larger the aperture the greater the depth of field (subjects in the distance will be in focus). Th
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How does the aperture affect exposure?

If you think about your lens like a papertowel tube over your eye. Now constrict the tube so that it is thinner. This is what the aperature ring does on the end of your lens;

Why is shutter speed important during exposure?

Shutter speed is how fast or slow the lens opens and closes back up, producing a picture. During this process, a certain amount of light is let in. If the shutter stays open l

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