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How does the sucking action of a straw work?

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This is all thanks to Air pressure and water pressure. Lets say that you are drinking water from a glass with the help of a straw. When you suck at the straw, you are essentially drawing air out of the straw. This decreases air pressure which was in the straw right above the level of the water. In the mean time the air pressure around your glass of water is constantly pushing the drink level to go down. And the water pressure of your drink is pushing the water level to go up. Since you just helped decrease the air pressure in the straw, the water finds an outlet and thus goes up the straw till it reaches your mouth.
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How does a straw work?

As you create a partial vacuum in the top part of the straw, the weight of the entire atmosphere above the glass applies a pressure of 15 PSI on the liquid surface. This press

How do straws work?

Drinking liquid through a straw uses the invisible pressure of the atmosphere to move a column of liquid. The air all around us is under pressure, from the rest of the atmosph

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How does a drinking straw work?

This question points up some key misconceptions about what a vacuum is. So you put a straw in your cup of water. If you look down the straw or could look through it, you woul

How do you make a straw that won't work?

Sabotaging a Straw Putting one or more pinholes in the straw, above the level of the liquid, will allow air to enter the straw at the top, and the liquid will not rise in the

Can an alien suck your brain out with straws?

Yes my friend... it can... they simply stick a straw up your nose... which is not a pleasant way to die... but it's ok, it will be over soon enough young grass hopper   may

Why does a soft drink rises when sucked with a straw?

As you suck on the straw air is removed from the inside of the straw and the air pressure within the straw is reduced. Once the straw's air pressure is reduced past atmospheri

How does the Straw-man theory work?

But what if we refused to continue playing the charade, and played the commerce game instead? What if we learned how to control the flow and movement of entries, figures and d

How does a straw flute work?

When you blow on the end of the straw, the two pieces of the tip vibrate together. This makes a vibration, which is necessary to make sound. But the tips don't just vibrate at

Why will a straw not work on moon?

When you suck on a straw you generate low pressure, so that means the pressure outside the straw, by contrast is higher and so matter gets sucked into the straw. On the moon t

Why does the air pressure in a straw be reduced when sucked?

when u suck from a straw (no offense lol) u r taking air from it and it is not replaced by any so pressure starts to decrease ..... when it gets stronger it pulls liquid(being
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Why you not suck water from straw when some tiny holes inthe straw?

That's because you suck in air instead. From an energy standpoint, energy gets wasted by the incoming air. But if the holes are rather small, and you suck strongly, you might