How does the sun work?

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The sun is gigantic nuclear fusion engine. It works on the principles of stallar nucleosynthesis, and you can use the link below to go to that question and learn more.

As nuclear fusion occurs in the Suns core, the temperature increases. This expands the outer envelope of the Sun (Like a heated balloon), this expansion decreases the pressure on the core, which then decreases the amount of nuclear fusion that occurs, and thus temperature. This reduction causes the outer envelope to contract, which causes an increase in pressure, which causes an increase in nuclear fusion, which creates more heat, the outer envelope expands and well…. ad infinitum.
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How does the sun work together with the moon to make tides higher or lower?

\n. \n High and Low Tides \n. \nThe Sun and the moon both exert a gravitational pull on the Earth. You might think the suns pull is much grater because it's more massive

How does sun work?

The sun's mother is crule when the sun was a child and fead it too much hot chillies and became freaken hot and angry and that is also why we have global warming

How does the sun works?

If you mean, "how does it gets its energy", it gets its energy from nuclear fusion - fusing hydrogen-1 to helium-4. It still has enough fuel to shine a few billion years more.

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