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Why is water in the oil?

Answer . It could be a head gasket, cracked head or cracked block.. also. IT IS MOST LIKELY A LEAK IN THE END PORTS OF IN TAKE MANIFOLD GASKETS. WATER GOES THROUGHT THOOS (MORE)

How did water get into your oil?

Answer . This is usually caused by the engine over heating causing the gasket to give away to the pressure of the water, forcing the water into the section containing the (MORE)

How do you get oil out of water?

You can make a tube around the hole where the oil is coming out and patch it up with cement or something hard to keep it closed then put a vacuum at the other end of the tube (MORE)

What does oil and water do?

They will separate because of their differing densities. Oil is more dense than water, so it will remain above the water. Think about an oil spill in the ocean; the oil floats (MORE)

Why do you have water in your oil?

Several possibles: . A gasket has failed, most likely a head gasket . Some one has poured in water . The car has been under water . The car has idled in a cold climate for (MORE)