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How does your stomach have to feel in 1 month of pregnancy?

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At one month of pregnancy, you stomach does not usually feel any different. For some people it starts to look different around 12 weeks pregnant, others not until 4 months pregnant, others never! The average it starts to feel different is around 4 months of pregnancy and that is when it is obvious that you are pregnant
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What does the stomach feel like in early pregnancy?

Depends on the patient. Some women feel nothing at all, others are mildly nauseous to severely nauseous. Morning sickness can last anywhere from a few weeks to the duration of

Is your stomach soft the first month of pregnancy?

It depends what you were like before you became pregnant, if it was soft then it will stay soft, if you were hard it will stay hard. Some women get bad gas at the begiinning o

What does the stomach feel like in pregnancy?

Normally, the stomach doesn't feel like much. However, when it is full (or distended), then the feeling of fullness ensues. If it is too full, stimulation of the vagus nerve c

What is a doctor feeling for when he examines your stomach for pregnancy?

The doctor doesn't examine your stomach for pregnancy, he examines your cervix and uterus. Your medical care provider (Doctor, NurseMidWife, PA) is feeling for normal changes

How does your stomach feel at 6 weeks of pregnancy?

Normal. With very very very little to no gain. you won't be able to notice you are pregnant until around 16-20 weeks but it also depends on your body; everyone is different bu