How dual sim technology work?

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Actually in the dual Sim mobiles the transmitter and receiver (transceiver) are separate for both the Sims.
Just like two phones working in a box ....
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How do dual layer DVDs work?

Answer: How dual layer CD drives work Check out this website: The main difference between a single layer and dual layer CD is that a dual layer CD or DVD has two layers of film on which data can be written to. One layer (the bottom one) is semi-silver (MORE)

What does a Pentium D processor with dual core technology mean?

Answer . Pentium D is just the name Intel gave to that particular line of processors. Dual core technology means that the single chip has two processors on it. This makes it capable of executing two commands at the same time. Do not confuse Pentium D dual core with the newer Core 2 Duo. They are (MORE)

Does dual action cleanse work?

absolutley not! i used in for two months taking a month of in between actually made me feel more did nothing for me and for the six other people i recommended it to...i did however find that supreme cleanse which was an herbal cleanser did wonders for actually lost 14 (MORE)

Describe what is the dual nature of technology?

Technology has both positive and negative affects (advantages and disadvantages. (potential benefits and harms)) on society and environment including the possible. improvement or declination of society and environment.. This characteristic is sometimes called the dual nature of technology, a conc (MORE)

What does Dual SIM cell phone mean?

If you've followed the developments in the China cellphone wholesale market lately it seems that one SIM card is not enough, and there's a proliferation of mobile phones with at least two SIM cards. Major wireless cell phone manufacturers like Samsung, Nokia and Motorola have been slow to catch u (MORE)

How does Dual sim mobile phones work?

Well it really depends on the type of phone. Some types of phones have two CPUs so its kind of like having two phones in one, this allows you to answer two calls from two different sims at the same time. Essentially you receive signals from both the numbers in your phone. The second type of dual sim (MORE)

How do you dual processors work?

there are two things you may be talking about here as the two are often confused: 1. Dual processors. in which case, there are 2 separate processors on the motherboard, effectively doubling the computing capacity. There are very few motherboards and cases that support this but one that does is the (MORE)

What is the difference of a dual active sim vs dual standby sim?

Dual Stand By: It simply means that your mobile will be in connection with both mobile service providers at the same time and you can either place or receive a call on either of the mobile numbers. But, as you are busy with one number, the other number goes "Not reachable" Dual Active: Your calli (MORE)

How do you get My Sims to work?

my sims or the sims??? the sims... you need a phone and select find a job... my sims... no way to work atleast for wii... my sims ds... look for jobs or games to find cash:)

What is the difference between dual active Sim and dual standby Sim?

i thought i will get the answer on wiki.... but no 1 has answered it yet :( The difference between a dual ACTIVE sim and a dual STANDBY sim cellphone is in the ease in switching sim cards. In the dual ACTIVE sim cellphone, the user can easily change from sim1 to sim2 in one press o (MORE)

Unlock code for the tt v11 dual sim phone?

The unlock code for the TTV11 dual sim card can only be availedafter making payment to certain service providers. The Sim-unlockwebsite is one of the providers that offers the unlock code.

Does blackberry manufacture dual sim phones?

No BlackBerryphone is dual sim sofar. But with present smart phone competition(i would like to call as a battle field) . Required Featuresfrom BlackBerry are - Dual SIM(2 GSMoption and/or GSM+CDMA) - Battery with a minof 2400mAH - Good quality camerawith both front and back - Lots of free APPse (MORE)

What is a dual SIM card?

There is nothing like a dual sim card, but rather a dual sim card phone. A phone with two sim card slots, allowing you to carry two numbers and switch from one to the other. This is super popular in China.

Dual sim mobile have two imei no?

Yes I have seen myself that one china mobile phone having two IMEI. But I dont know the real meaning of it and the effects of it. The purpose of an IMEI ( I nternational M obile E quipment I dentity), MEID ( M obile E quipment Id entifier) or ESN ( E lectronic S erial N umber) or commonly kno (MORE)

How does sim works?

You make a person or familya, choose or build their house, and then make them live their lives by choosing everything they do.

Dual media filter how does it works?

A sand-anthracite filter or dual media filter/multi-media filter is primarily used for the removal of turbidity and suspended solids as low as 10-20 microns. Dual media filters provide very efficient particle removal under the conditions of high filtration rate. Inside a sand-anthracite filter is a (MORE)

Can Sims 3 run on 1.8 Ghz dual core?

It depends on the processor, if its a dual core or quad, possibly, it depends if the Sims 3 is a single or multi threaded application, which i don't now, and the processor type

How is dual table works in oracle?

Dual, in Oracle, is an ordinary table, just like any other table. Do a describe on it, and look at its data with select * from dual , and you will see that it contains one column and one row. The actual data contained in dual is meaningless. It is only used to make certain operations easy to do, s (MORE)

Is a BlackBerry phone a dual sim phone?

No Blackberry phone is dual SIM phone, or that has two SIM card slots. But there are some Blackberry China phones (Blackberry imitation) which are dual SIM phones.

LG Gx200 dual active Sim mobile?

Dual SIM, Dual Standby Take the dual SIM advantage of LG GX200 with, Dual SIM indicator to easily manage two networks, keep work and play separated and enjoy quality connections. .

What are the demerits of dual sim phone?

Well, the biggest minus is bad battery life because the phones use twice as much battery and as we know batteries are no good anyway, be prepared to have your charger in your pocket. This is because there are two antennas and they both use power simultaneously. Another thing is wi-fi and emails - th (MORE)

Is a Iphone Style Dual Sim from apple company?

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How a dual core processor works?

The dual core processor differs from a single core in that the single core processor must take the incoming data bits one at a time, process that bit of data and move on the next one. A dual core process detects incoming data streams and determines whether they could be calculated more quickly if bo (MORE)

Can you have one sim card in a dual sim phone?

Yes, but not without certain disadvantages such as: 1. One sim card provides only half of the storage space that could otherwise be utilized to store more data. 2. You cannot categorize certain files you might prefer to store on the other sim card. For example, you may want to store your business co (MORE)

Is Nokia Asha 302 dual sim phone or not..?

When I bought Nokia Asha 302, I bought a white one that was equipedwith dual sim function. However I was offered a grey one and a pinkone but only the pink one was a dual sim phone. Therefore I believethat there are more types of Nokia Asha 302.

Why have a dual SIM card?

You might want to keep business and personal callers separate. Having a dual SIM phone means you can use two separate numbers - one for business callers, and the other for personal. That way, you don't need two handsets.

Do msg get deliver in the second sim if the first sim is busy in a dual sim phone?

No - because the second SIM is assigned a different number. Since communication is both ways, even if the phone is busy the message will still be delivered. The only time that cannot happen - is if the phone is switched off. In which case, the messages are held on the service-provider's computer (MORE)

What is the meaning of optional dual sim?

It simply means the phone is capable of using two SIM cards (instead of the normal one). Although the phone needs at least one SIM card to function, you don't have to use a second SIM card unless you want a handset with two phone numbers..

Where can one purchase a cheap Dual SIM phone?

If someone wishes to purchase an affordable Dual Sim Phone there are a variety of places where one can do so. Some of these places are; Amazon, Tesco, Dual Sim Phones, Free Your Mobile, Electric Pig and Ebay.

What network offers the Nokia Dual Sim?

AT&T offers the Nokia Dual Sim as does Rogers. The At&T website shoes atleast 10 different models of Nokia Dual Sim phones of different colours and styles.

Is 4GB good or bad for a dual Sim cell phone?

Technically, Sim cards have nothing to do with the Internal memory. Sim cards don't use the internal memory at all. The Internal memory is used for storage of Photos clicked on phone, Music files and Apps by default. Now this can be changed in the Settings menu for Android. U can also use an Externa (MORE)

Can one SIM work in a dual SIM phone?

Absolutely ! I have a dual-SIM phone, but only use ONE SIM card init. The phone simply alerts me that SIM 2 is missing when it'sfirst switched on.