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How early can a person be diagnosed with narcissism?

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NPD cannot be diagnosed with any certainty prior to early adolescence (13-14). Narcissistic traits, a narcissistic style, and even a narcissistic personality can be evident earlier in life, though.  Many old school shrinks hesitate to diagnose anyone with anything until they are 18 as that is when the personality is fully developed. Some wait until 21. If some one seems to have a disorder they like to say showing NPD characteristics. I believe that although the personality is not fully developed until 21, that is all the more reason to seek treatment for an adolescent that is showing narcissistic traits (or any disorder)
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What is Narcissism?

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How would you find someone diagnosed with narcissism to appear in a television documentary in the UK?

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Is there a correlation between adopted persons and narcissism?

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What could be the early childhood cause of narcissism if the narcissist is a female?

permissive parents. 8/31/07 Narcissism, in both genders (although there are subtypes usually attributed to males), is essentially a psychological response to low self-esteem.

Is there a future with a person with narcissism disorder?

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The accepted rule of thumb would be to get a specific diagnoses from a professional. However bear in mind this could take decades to accomplish. Narcissists are notorious for

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Can a person with narcissism change?

No, definitely not. N. is the Great Pretender. So even if you feel he/she is changing - it is only a new show , a new game, a new face he /she shows you. N. Cannot change, bec

Why people are attracted to a person with narcissism?

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