How far back was pottery used?

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Pottery is still used in the undeveloped countries.
ADDED: It is still used in the developed countries too! The discovery that clay can be shaped and fused into useful objects goes back at least around 3000 years; and the styles of a lot of surviving Bronze Age vessels are just as elegant as many equivalents by modern potters.
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What element did the the Roman people used to do pottery?

This site will give you some background in Roman Pottery, an excerpt: . Red Gloss Ware . The Romans followed the Greeks and Etruscans in making their better pottery from a fine red terracotta body. Red clays are the most common clays in central Italy, and the Romans were traditionalists. They a (MORE)

What are some uses of pottery?

Pottery is one of the most useful arts and crafts. Pottery can be functional meaning it can be used for everyday use or decorative. Pottery can make good bowls, mugs, plates, pie pans, and muffin pans. If you let your imagination guide you, you can make anything.

What is a technique used in Polish pottery?

Polish Pottery | Polish Stoneware Today, artists decorate their handmade pieces using paint brushes and the same unique punch or stamp technique used for centuries. Polish pottery continues ... .

How do you use a pottery wheel?

A pottery wheel is a round rotating plate generally waist high in a seated position, it can be motor operated or foot propelled. foot operated is just 2 wheels connected with a axle in between, you kick the lower wheel to turn the upper wheel, the "potters wheel" is a wheel/plate where you put clay (MORE)

What was pottery used for?

to hold things in life that a human cannot carry around on their backs forever. pottery was invwnted because there was a timewhen someone realized what they were holding could not be held forever in that persons hand it needed its own speacial spot.

What is pottery used for?

When man learned to control fire, eventually the practical uses of clay was discovered. The oldest pottery discovered are crude and broken but they served their purpose. The most common use hundreds of years ago,and still today, is dish ware. Most useful pottery today is mass-produced by poured into (MORE)

How far back can it be determined if any drug use occurred?

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What materials are used to make Navajo pottery?

In order to obtain materials for making Navajo pottery you mustfirst learn songs and prayers for removing clay and items for thepottery. these songs are for the dine deties that govern harmonyfor ones self. with out these songs and prayers you maybe come sickand disablities may occur. the earth and (MORE)

How was pottery used?

Pottery was and still is used for storage of wet and dry goods. Pottery also was and is used for transporting goods from one point to another.

What did the Neolithics use pottery for?

The neolithics mainly used pottery for food and water storage. The clay was dense enough after firing, that it provided protection from insects. Water was also stored in clay vessels. The clay was porous enough to allow a bit of surface leakage, that would cool in the wind; consequently, keeping the (MORE)

Who uses RB as a pottery mark?

If it is ceramic figurine and the initials are impressed it might actually be BB. The first B looks a lot like a R. BB was used by Bernhard Bloch from Eichwald Germany. Meisner used RB at times with crossed swords.

What is greek pottery used for?

When the Greeks first colonised there was originally no area to safely dispose of human waste. The Greek rulers demanded that pots should be used to contain and then ultimatley dispose of said waste. Good question.

What type of soil is used in pottery?

Soil, is not used in pottery, however clay, which is found in some soils is used to make pottery. Clay is the breakdown of feldspathic rock and has a chemical formula of Al2O3 2SIO2. That is one molecule of alumina and two molecules of silica

How far back can they use your income to decide child support?

In Illinois, where the obligor had variable income, I've heard of the courts going back as far as two years. . That's the standard for all states. Unfortunately, it's also used for retroactive order of up to 18 years, rather than what was earned 18 years ago. see links

What was the main use of greek pottery?

One of the most common artifacts of ancient Greek culture is pottery. Greek pottery was an important commodity, or traded product the ancient world. Pottery was used to store & protect foods such as wine or grain on long voyages. Pottery was also collected as a work of art. Several styles of pottery (MORE)

Pottery vase print on back says fp 20?

I don't know, but have a vase with the same markings. It is about 7" tall, thin, with two handles at top. Orange, possibly uranium glaze; Art Deco style, I think.

How far back can carbon dating be used?

As far back as there were organisms who were able to consume food containing both ordinary carbon and an isotope of carbon; the comparison of the ratios - which pinpoints the time when an organism stopped eating - gives rise to carbon dating.

Can you use polymer clay on a pottery wheel?

No, as it is much harder than ordinary clay.You can make it softer by warming it up in your hands and rolling it around but even that is not soft enough. Hope That Helps! :)

Why is clay used to make pottery items?

Soft clay must be used on a potter's wheel to create pottery,and then fired in a pottery oven . ADDED: It's pretty much clay-ware by the definition of"pottery"! :-) It's used because it has particular qualities thatallow it to be shaped and fused by heat to produce articles thatare functional, deco (MORE)

What was the use for ancient Greek pottery?

Pottery was important to the Ancient Greek for storage. Everything from wheat to wine was stored in pottery. Pottery was made by shaping clay on a wheel, decorating the pot, and the heat the clay in a kiln. In early Greece(1000 to 7000 BC. Pots were decorated with geometric designs. The time period (MORE)

Can silt be used to make pottery?

I am pretty sure you can. Also, its larger particle size wouldmean it was less likely to break when fired. . ADDED: It depends on the material. Silt is simply very finesediment, but if the sediment is predominantly of clay-formingminerals then it can be used for pottery or at leastearthenware.

Was pottery used for in the middle ages?

Yes, pottery has been used for thousands of years. Pottery containers are relatively easy and cheap to produce, and humans have always needed to contain food staples, either for transport, storage, or to eat or drink from.

What is the glaze used on pottery?

Glaze that is on pottery or ceramics is actually Glass. It is applied in it's raw form, as a liquid soluble on to the clay, and then fired in a kiln. At the proper heat, the glaze melts and reacts with the gases in the clay and flows. When proper maturity is reached for the glaze, the kiln is powere (MORE)

Was pottery used in the middle ages?

yes. the earliest know piece of pottery has been carbon date to about 6000 BCE (before common era). The middle ages is commonly associated with metal particularly iron and bronze, but clay pots were still very common.

How far back were numbers used?

As far back as folk needed to count things - the number of sheep, the number of bottles of oil etc. The simplest counting systems are still seen today, for example, the number of kills a pilot has are shown as several glyphs representing planes. The quality of consumer products is commonly rated usi (MORE)

What are pottery barn drapes used for?

Pottery Barn drapes are used for a variety of window treatments. They can be used for patio windows, living room windows, kitchen windows and more. They come in a variety of patterns, colors and prices.

How did the Mesopotamians make pottery with out the wheel back than?

Pottery has emerged as one of the most ancient arts. Mankind hasknown pottery since as early as the Jomon Period which roughlyrefers to the time span between 10,500 and 400 BC in Japan.Excavations all across the globe have proved that pottery hasalways been a important part of any civilization. Fir (MORE)

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I believe the current policy is SIX YEARS without managerial approval. However, if you failed to file a tax return from anytime in the past and the IRS determines that you had sufficient income to have a filing requirement then Congress requires the IRS to file what is known as a Substitute For Retu (MORE)

What type of clay is used for pottery?

Various types of clay are used.. Earthenware tends to have larger amount of iron oxide. It can't be fired to very high temperatures as the iron oxide would act as a flux and the pottery would sag. Stoneware can be fired to higher temperatures. It is opaque and fairly waterproof when fired.. Porce (MORE)

What is a pottery barn crib used for?

Cribs, from Pottery Barn or any other furniture store, are used for one purpose--to hold a baby. Cribs are where babies sleep. They sleep in cribs because beds are too dangerous.

What did the Navajo use pottery for?

For water and grain storage. The Navajo tended to use baskets more than pottery. The basketry for water storage was coated in pinyon pine sap to make it water proof.

What was pottery used for in ancient rome?

Pottery in ancient Rome was used the same way as in other ancient civilisations. It was used to make vases, amphorae and other vessels to carry liquids, drinking cups, plates, tiles and decorative terracotta for buildings, and terracotta figurines and statues.

How does pottery affect us today?

it has noi afect it is a litle kids toy now and nothing more then acraft -------- Pottery is still very important to us today. In many third worldcountries it is still the best way of storing liquids and food.Pots are used in the US to store plants and as rustic decorativecontainers. If we stray fro (MORE)