How far can newborns see?

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A newborn baby is actually hypermetropic. He can see at a distance of about eight to twelve inches.
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How far can a newborn see?

Newborns see clearest between 8 to 15 inches from their face. Theycan see further but objects are extremely blurry.

Can newborn babies see?

It depends on what kind of babies your talking about. For example human babies can see when their born ,but can't see when in their mother's bellies. For another example, pupp

When can newborn babies see clearly?

New born babies can see very little other than light and motion. At 3 months they can make out faces (and return your smile). By 6 months an infant can distinguish between obj

At what age does newborn kittens see?

well a newborn kitten can see at 5-10 days after birth but it normally takes a lot longer so until their vision matures they walk very wobbly and fall a lot so don't be worrie

When newborn can see?

they can see when they are first born. But their view is better when an object is up to 8-12 inches away from their face

When can a newborn baby see?

It can see a tiny bit at birth but as it gets older it can see more color, and farther away, if you think your baby is blind tell a doctor or hospital nurse.

Can newborn kittens see?

Answer: Newborn kittens are born deaf and blind. They open their eyes and ear canals at about 2 weeks of age. Most kittens are born with blue eyes, and the eye color will m