How far does a bow and arrow shoot?

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The answer to this depends on the design of both the bow and the arrow, as well some factors not under the control of any human (such as wind, humidity, temperature, etc); because of the distances involved, flight shooting competitions are held outdoors.

In flight shooting, where the object is to shoot an arrow as far as possible, distances of up to 1222 meters (1336 yards) or more are achieved; the arrows are designed to be extremely light-weight, but strong enough to withstand the forces exerted on them when the bowstring is released. As of 2008, the FITA Men's record distance for a hand-held bow was 1222.01 meters, by Don Brown of the U.S.A. ("unlimited" division of the Conventional Flight bow category), on the 2nd of August 1987.

The FITA Men's record distance for any type of bow (again, as of 2008) was 1410.87 meters, by Harry Drake of the U.S.A. ("unlimited", Footbow category) on the 6th of October 1979.

Note: These record figures are only for FITA flight shooting competitions. There are other flight shooting competitions held/sponsored by other archery organizations around the world, and the World Record Flight Distance may have been achieved by someone at one of those other competitions, or even the 2009 FITA Flight Competition.
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