How far is it from Chandigarh to Agra?

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The distance in a straight line between Chandigarh and Agra is 412 kilometers (256 miles)

By road it is 461 kilometres (286 miles)
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Tajmahal is in the agra?

Taj Mahal one of the seven wonders of the world and also a world heritage site is in Agra... The taj mahal is an 1st wonder of the world because it's about love the king made

Is agra big?

Agra is quite a big city, but not as big as Delhi!. Delhi rocks .

Where is Agra situated?

Agra is in India. It was the former capital of the country. Thecity is in the Yamuna river banks north of Uttar Pradesh.

Is agra in delhi?

Agra, the former capital of Hindustan, is a city on the banks of the river Yamuna in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is 363 kilometres (226 mi) west of the stat

Why Agra is famous?

The Taj Mahal is the best attraction in all over world and is known as the Symbol of Love is in Agra . There are two UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES in Agra not only this s

What is the significance of Agra?

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