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A lunar distance (LD) is an astronomical measurement of the distance from the Earth to the Moon. The average distance from Earth to the Moon is 384,403 kilometers or 238,857 miles, but the actual distance varies over the course of the orbit of the moon. Depending on the Moon's location in its orbit, it is between 225,623 and 252,088 miles away from Earth. This is about 30 times the diameter of the Earth.

Measurements of the lunar distance are made by measuring the time it takes for light to travel between the LIDAR stations on Earth and the retroreflectors placed on the Moon. Experiments show that the Moon is spiraling away from Earth at an average rate of 3.8 cm per year.

Orbital distances are calculated between the center of the Earth and the center of the Moon. So the actual surface-to-surface distance is shorter by about 7457 kilometers (4634 miles).
Because tides spin faster than the Moon moves, the tidal reaction pulls the Moon forward a tiny bit. The moon recedes at a rate of approximately 3.8 cm (1.5 inches) per year. When there was only one continent, the rate was less.
The moon is on an elliptical orbit, so it it not consistently the same distance from earth. When the moon is the closest to earth, it is 225,623 miles away; when the moon is farthest away from earth, it is 252,088 miles away.
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How far is the moon from earth in light years?

The average distance to the Moon is 384,399 kilometres = 4.06318742 × 10-8 light years (Note the minus) The moon is only a tiny fraction of one light year from earth. It ta

How far does the moon move away from the earth each year why?

As a result of the conservation of angular momentum, the slowing of Earth's rotation is accompanied by an increase of the mean Earth-Moon distance of about 3.8 m per century,

How far has the Moon moved from the Earth?

The Moon is slowly moving away from the Earth in its orbit. The average change is currently about 38 mm per year, or about 38 km every million years.

Why is the moon so far from the earth?

The moon is far away because if it were to close then the gravity from earth would pull it in to use amd destroy the earth. And the moons graviy pull that it has on earth alre

How far does the moon travel in one orbit around the earth?

A rough calculation: Mean radius = 238,000 miles Circumference = 2 pi R = 476,000 pi = 1.495 million miles . Verrrry interesting !   If you could straighten out the

How far away is earth to the moon in cm?

  1. Dist from Earth to Moon = 382500 Km   2. 382500 x 1000 = 382500000 m   3. 382500000 x 100 = 38250000000 cm

How far apart are the sun earth moon?

  The Sun and the Earth are 149.6 million kilometers apart. The Earth and the Moon are 384,400 kilometers apart.

How far is earth from the moon and the sun?

1. Earth-Moon distance From Earth Center (EC) to Moon in km  : Moon is a natural satellite of earth. For any  satellite, to predict its instantaneous distance   from ear