How fast can a airplane travel?

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Different planes travel at different speeds. They range from aprox. 280 mph to 2200 mph. Here's a record chart.

Insect Australian Dragonfly36 mph
(58 km/h)n/a Bird (level flight) Red-Breasted Merganser80 mph
(129 km/h)n/a Bird (dive) Peregrine Falcon217 mph
(349 km/h)
in a 45° diven/a Autogyro WA-116F120.5 mph
(193.76 km/h)18 September 1986 Rotorcraft Westland Lynx249.10 mph
(400.55 km/h)11 August 1986 Biplane Fiat CR42B323 mph
(520 km/h)1941 Piston-Powered Seaplane Macchi MC72440.68 mph
(709.21 km/h)23 October 1934 Piston-Powered Aircraft Grumman F8F Bearcat528.33 mph
(849.55 km/h)21 August 1989 Turboprop-Powered Aircraft Tupolev Tu-114545.07 mph
(876.47 km/h)9 April 1960 Jet-Powered Flying Boat Beriev M-10566.69 mph
(911.24 km/h)7 August 1961 Jet-Powered Aircraft Lockheed SR-71A2,193.16 mph
(3,326.60 km/h)
Mach 3.328 July 1976 Rocket-Powered Aircraft North American X-15A-24,520 mph
(7,274 km/h)
Mach 6.723 October 1967 Winged Vehicle Space Shuttle Columbia
on re-entry~ 17,000 mph
(27,340 km/h)
Mach 2514 April 1981 Manned Vehicle Apollo 10 capsule
on re-entry~ 24,790 mph
(39,885 km/h)
Mach 3626 May 1969 Interplanetary Vehicle Voyager 1~ 38,600 mph
(62,070 km/h)launched
5 September 1977 Manmade Object Helios 2~ 150,000 mph
(241,350 km/h)17 April 1976
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How fast is a airplane?

No airplane goes faster than the speed of sound wich is 1000km per hour due to safety reasons.

How fast does a typical airplane have to travel for take off?

Generally it depends on the weight of the airplane. Light airplane like Cessna 172 can take off at about 60mph, heavy airplane like Boeing 747 needs 180mph to get airborne!

How fast is the speed of sound for an airplane?

The higher that an airplane flies, the smaller the speed of sound. The average speed of sound at sea level is about 343 meters persecond or 768 mph, but The sound waves move

How fast do airplanes travel from Chiangmai to Bangkok?

Gulfstream V can make the trip in 1:06 a lot of comercial airlines fly bangkok to chiangmai thailands second city flights take just over the hour costs around 50 USD chiangma