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How fast do passenger airplanes travel?

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Usually around 600 MPH
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How fast do passenger jets travel before take off?

Somewhere around 100 knots or approx 100 mph.   While actual take off speed varies according to a number of factors, such as aircraft weight and density altitude, typicall

How fast can an Airplane travel?

it goes about 500 miles an hour when it gets in the air but before it takes off it will get to 180 mph to get airborn but it can go faster the faster it goes the easier it is

How fast can a airplane travel?

Different planes travel at different speeds. They range from aprox. 280 mph to 2200 mph. Here's a record chart. Insect   Australian Dragonfly36 mph (58 km/h)n/a   Bir

When did passengers first start traveling by airplane?

    Early Air Travel     Very early flights for passengers were usually for pleasure rather than travel. It was such a novelty!     As far as I know, t

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How fast does a passenger plane travel?

Commercial airplanes typically travel around 550 (five hundred and fifty) miles per hour. They are able to travel and slower or faster speeds, however.

Why are airplane passengers called souls?

This is only a US and possibly other US areas, in Europe we use "persons" not souls. This is used when asking a pilot for details of the amount of people on board his/her ai

Who built the first passenger airplane?

Although the Wright brothers built the first motorized  heavier-than-air machine in 1903 It was Sikorsky (of later  helicopter fame) who in 1913 was the first to design and